Rue Create is an art counseling and holistic wellness hub that offers creative counselling for students aged from 5 years and up. Jen Ryan has used her 10+ years of experience in teaching and school guidance counsellor to develop mindful and student focused programs to tackle significant issues.

Group art counselling free from judgement

Rue Create group art counselling mixed group at table.

Each week within a term-long program focuses on a specific topic (i.e. positive self talk, body image, friendship, resilience and gratitude, etc). Using multiple art mediums, students discuss issues in a safe and inviting group environment that allows them to express emotions free of judgement. Jen takes pride in the programs she delivers and develops connections with students to assist in tackling their individual needs.

Who can attend?

Rue Create group art counselling smiling children.

Rue Create offers group creative counselling sessions for Tweens, Teens, Kids and NDIS, including their ASD Girls program. They also offer a number of classes over the school holidays.

Topics covered – Term 2, 2023

The topics that will be covered in Rue Create sessions throughout term 2, 2023 are:

  1. Positive Self-Talk
  2. My Awesome Self: Positive Body Image
  3. This or That? Making Choices
  4. Talk It Out: Communication
  5. Feeling Feelings: Understanding Emotions
  6.  Healthy Friendships
  7. Resilience
  8. Hard Times: Dealing with Difficult Issues
  9. It’s OK to Need Help: Reaching Out
  10. Gratitude

Who is Rue Create?

Rue Create group art counselling counsellor and student.

As Rue Create’s founder, Jen has a Masters in Education, majoring in Counseling. She is registered with the Australian Counseling Association and also provides one-on-one counseling sessions for students. This is student-driven and can be facilitated through artwork or open conversation channels. Jen strives to give the clients a person-centered approach to dealing with issues. This is not limited to students, and parents are also welcome to attend or book solo sessions.

ASD Girls Program

Rue Create is proud to be associated with the NDIS and to be delivering an ASD Girls Program in term 2, 2023. This 8-week program is designed and caters to ASD girls and women, where they will discuss topics ranging from social skills, self-regulation, healthy boundaries and friendships.

Yoga Classes

Rue Create is also excited to announce the introduction of yoga classes for adults in April 2023 and soon to follow for children. Yoga strengthens the mind/body connection and can improve mental health and overall well-being. Rue Create is a space for all families to feel welcome, creative and heard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rue Create group art counselling girls at table.

Can parents stay or go during the session? Parents can stay if their child needs. Rue Create has a loft waiting area above their art studio where parents can wait. Parents are always welcome, but also encouraged to go and have some time to themselves for an hour. Rue Create want their students to feel comfortable and free to share, this is sometimes easier without parents nearby, but not always the case.

Do I need to book in for a whole term? No. Rue Create do offer one-off classes, however booking the term does ensure a spot in a session every week.

What happens if we are sick one week? Rue Create are happy to offer you a makeup lesson, once you feel better.

What are the age ranges? Age ranges for each class are just a guide. Each student is different and it really depends where they feel most comfortable.

  • Kids – 5-8 years old
  • Tweens – 8-13 years old
  • Teens – 13- 18 years old
  • ASD Girls Program – 5-16 years old
  • NDIS Weekdays – 18+years old
  • NDIS Tweens and Teens – 8-18 years old

Should I book an individual or group counselling session for my child? The best way to start is an individual counselling session, though it really depends on the child.


We have had some very positive feedback from her teachers since she started at Rue.

Jen is very open and welcoming of all students

I am just so glad the he has been able to find his people

Rue is not like a school or classroom, it is more free and open

I love coming to Rue every week, I can talk about my feelings and make cool art.

To find out more, please visit the Rue Create website.

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