Counselling with Dan is a private counselling practice in East Brisbane. Dan has worked as a child and family counsellor in the trauma and DV space for many years and is now accepting new clients. Bookings can be made online, with after hours and weekend appointments available!

How can Counselling with Dan help?

Counselling with Dan Daniel Caddy.

Dan works with adults and children using system, narrative and CBT techniques and caters his approach depending on the needs of the client.

People often seek counselling for many and varied reasons at one or many points throughout their lives. Dan provides counselling for individuals going through on-going instances or looking for brief therapy.

Dan is trained and accredited for working in the trauma and complex mental health, accident recovery (WorkCoverQLD), disability (NDIS), domestic violence, sexual violence, emotional trauma, coercive control and abuse.

He is also experienced working with clients experiencing grief, loss and changes in their homelife; this may be due to a recent death, significant changes at home or divorce. Dan also makes sure to let parents know they are welcome to utilise his services as being a parent is hard and you may need space for self growth.

Short & Long Term Mental Health Conditions

Common diagnoses such as anxiety and depression can be short or long-term and can accompany further diagnoses such as, PTSD, ASD and ADHD. Dan is trained in working with neurodiverse clients and ensures to work closely with the family system to work toward the best outcomes.

Family Counselling

Dan is Dyadic certified which means he is approved to work with separate members of the family collaboratively work towards their goals.


Counselling with Dan Daniel on motorbike.

I was nervous to work with a male counsellor at the beginning but Dan is such a kind hearted man who helped me through the hardest part of my life, he taught me so much but one of the most important things he showed me was that being violence is not a male trait, it’s a choice” – F, 38

Dan really helped me get to know myself better and to work through things I initially didn’t even think were significant, but after working together, I feel much lighter and more confident” – M, 26

Dan was good to talk to, it’s cool that he’s a gamer so we got to talk about fun stuff, he is an adult but it’s really easy to talk to him” – M, 10

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dan do play therapy? Absolutely yes, engaging in age appropriate therapy is super important for young people.

Does Counselling with Dan have private health rebates available? Counselling with Dan has partnered with Bupa, Ahm, Medibank, HCF and the ARHG group which contain several other private health insurers. Dan also is registered with Victims Assist Queensland.

Is counselling only for people who have experienced trauma? No, counselling can be for everyone at any stage in their lives. Sometimes we will have the thought that ‘others have it worse so I shouldn’t complain’, but the reality is that we do this so much that we tend to unintentionally build a culture of self-deprioritisation which becomes an action that we model to others.

Do you work only with children? Counselling with Dan is a space for children, adults, teens and families. Dan is dedicated to helping people improve their mental health to create the best possible opportunities for people no matter what stage of life they are in.

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To find out more, please visit the Counselling with Dan website.