Empowerall Abilities, a family business founded by two dedicated Brazilian educators, addresses the vital need for inclusive group activities for individuals with disabilities. Committed to creating a positive environment, we offer engaging experiences, fostering community, skill development, and joy for participants of all abilities. Rooted in Brazil’s vibrant culture, they provide opportunities for NDIS participants to enhance physical fitness, music, social skills, creativity, cultural awareness, and self-confidence.

All Abilities Capoeira

Empowerall Abilities drumming group.

All Abilities Capoeira is a martial art deeply rooted in Brazil’s history. For over 30 years, this transformative practice has thrived, drawing inspiration from the Afro-Brazilian culture that gave birth to Capoeira. Originating as a form of self-expression for enslaved Africans in Brazil, Capoeira evolved into a dynamic art that is now a celebration of culture, inclusivity, and community.

Inclusive Journey: At All Abilities Capoeira, the doors are open to everyone, regardless of age or ability. Beginners and seasoned participants alike find a welcoming space to explore self-discovery, physical empowerment, and rhythmic expression. Empowerall Abilities’ experienced instructors guide participants through the basics, fostering an inclusive and supportive atmosphere.

Capacity Building for NDIS Participants: Beyond the movements, All Abilities Capoeira focuses on capacity building for NDIS participants. Community engagement, health and wellbeing activities, and social skills development are integral parts of the program, providing a holistic approach to personal growth.

Rhythmic Harmony: The heartbeat of Capoeira lies in its music. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of traditional instruments like the berimbau, pandeiro, and atabaque. Learn the art of singing and clapping hands in unison, creating a communal experience that adds a unique layer to the Capoeira journey.

Brazilian Impact: For three decades, inclusive Capoeira has made a positive impact in Brazil, empowering individuals with disabilities and offering an alternative for children to stay off the streets. All Abilities Capoeira continues this legacy, contributing to a supportive and inclusive community.

UNESCO Recognition: Capoeira’s recognition by UNESCO speaks to its cultural importance. All Abilities Capoeira proudly preserves and shares this heritage, making it accessible to a diverse range of participants.

Who is Empowerall Abilities?

Empowerall Abilities two children capoeira.

Empowerall Abilities brings the vibrant and positive energy of Brazilian culture to Australia. They’re proud to highlight the exceptional social skills of the Brazilian people, creating an inclusive environment. What sets them apart is their unique training by a seasoned Capoeira teacher in Brazil, with a remarkable 30-year experience in Inclusive Capoeira. Empowerall Abilities is excited to introduce this dynamic and inclusive practice for the first time ever in Australia.


Empowerall Abilities capoeira in Brazil.

Bianca has cerebral palsy and she used to have a lot of involuntary moves, now she is able to control her movements. I can say that she is 90% better with Capoeira.” – Vera Lucia (Bianca’s mother)

I used to just sat inside the house, I was a little bit sedentary, but with the practice of Capoeira I lost a lot of weight and now I can walk holding onto the walls without assistance. I have a better quality of life now thanks to Capoeira, I have good friends here and I think I wouldn’t be who I’m today if weren’t them.” – Stefany

He started to do things that even I couldn’t believe. I say to all my friends: Let’s go, you will like it and see joy on these children’s face and how it will be good for their self-esteem.” – Flavia (Fabricio’s mother)

To find out more about this inspiring program, please visit the Empowerall Abilities website.