Based on an historical site dating back to the 1800s, the Fort Lytton school holiday program, educational programs and night shows are known for high quality interpretation of the past. 

The History of Fort Lytton

Fort Lytton was a major defensive site for Brisbane from 1881 to 1945. During those years, it was also an important training ground for soldiers. Although the fort was never attacked, the training it provided was put to the test in both World Wars. It is now managed by the Heritage Parks Unit of Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. 

Fort Lytton in World War II

There were many units stationed at the Fort Lytton for periods of training. In World War II, for the first-time, women were also stationed there. They were stationed in various services, including the AWAS (Australian Women’s Army Service). Without these women, the fort could not have fulfilled its role as a defensive and training base.

Carry On Fort Lytton school holiday program waving flags.

Fort Lytton school holiday programs

It all started 13 years ago with Raiders of the Lost Fort, a dramatic story exploring the forts history through artefacts. This event used the historic site, actors in-role and participatory drama to facilitate a fun learning experience. Numbers were kept low to enable fuller participation with all the children. This program set the mould for all future interpretive work with young people on site.

Carry On Fort Lytton school holiday program actors posing with telephones.

Carry On Fort Lytton school holiday program

Carry On Fort Lytton is this latest school holiday program and is the most theatrical so far. The actors are characters, and there is participation, but this program engages all involved: children, parents, grandparents and carers. There are set pieces, but also lots of improvisation.


It’s 1944 at Lytton Battery. Corporal Jones, AWAS, is ready to train the new recruits, but she isn’t expecting there to be men amongst them. Sergeant Wilson, Army, arrives to begin training too, but he can’t believe there are women in the new batch. It’s an administrative error, of course, but how will they get through the day and be ready for inspection by the officers? Corporal Jones has a plan, but will it work? And so begins a roller-coaster of activities and preparation.


Carry On Fort Lytton is a hands-on experience: making caps and semaphore flags; and learning to spell a word using the flags. There’s parade ground drill, and gun drill (it’s on a replica twin six pounder that actually moves!). There’s lots of marching and singing too. All this comes together when the officer turns up for the inspection and everyone has to do their best to pass (which of course they do, with flying colours!).

Carry On Fort Lytton school holiday program strict officer.

School holiday program information

The Fort Lytton school holiday program runs in the Autumn, Winter and Spring school holidays (does not run in Summer holidays, due to the heat).

Upcoming dates – 2024

Easter school holidays 2024: Tuesday 9th April, 2024 | Wednesday 10th April, 2024 | Thursday 11th April, 2024

How to book

Bookings for the Fort Lytton school holiday program are essential by phoning (07) 3393 4647.


The cost is $20 per child with no charge for supervising adults. Payment is on the day.


Fort Lytton is located within Fort Lytton National Park, on the southern bank of the Brisbane River at Lytton.

Carry On Fort Lytton school holiday program standing in line saluting.


The experience was authentic, entertaining, educational, engaging, interactive and most importantly inclusive for all age groups (including adults!). The ability to keep the attention of children for over 2 hours is a real war won!!!!” – Caterina and Elvis Senese

Thank you so much for creating and acting in the Carry On Fort Lytton program. My three children and I attended the program today and we all had a ball. The program and script were so well thought out and rehearsed. Seargent Wilson and Corporal Jones were both tremendous characters that had obviously been very well fleshed out by you both. Both of your acting skills are superlative. I was in awe of you both the whole time, and my children thought (and still think) you were real people. They also believe we are due back there tomorrow for our semaphore test. I was extremely impressed that neither of you broke character once. Please pass on my sincere admiration for her brilliant acting skills to Corporal Jones! My children loved the whole experience, but especially the gun firing drill at the end, where they hit the target and passed the inspection. My little one also mentioned he enjoyed using the special army glue and making the flags. I commend you both on such an impressive show. It was so well thought out with respect to what children like, the timings of the various activities, the pacing, and building to a climactic and exciting ending.” – Alison Poulson

Our grandson, together with my husband and I, attended the Carry on Fort Lytton morning on Wednesday, 5 July – and what a wonderful morning it was! The organisation, the presenters, the script, the knowledge, the fun, the craft – everything – was of a high standard and thoroughly enjoyable. The format of the morning allowed for rest periods but it also enabled to keep everyone’s interest at all times. It wasn’t only for the children – it was for the adults as well. Our daughter was originally taking our grandson the week before, but the presentation was postponed – she was a tad miffed after we told her all about it!! The three of us were caught up in the presentation – and the facts – so much of which we weren’t aware of – but were presented in such an interesting way.” – Gwenneth and Graeme Klee

To book your child into one of Fort Lytton’s fantastic school holiday programs, please phone (07) 3393 4647. You can find out more about Fort Lytton National Park here.