Are you struggling with infertility, pregnancy or pregnancy loss? Are you pregnant or a new parent and are looking for specialist care? Lotus Health and Psychology is a specialist health and psychology service located in Holland Park, Brisbane, with a special focus on providing support around fertility, pregnancy or being a parent. They provide compassionate, evidence-based interventions to families before, during, and after pregnancy, including for families who have experienced infertility, perinatal grief and loss, or traumatic birth experiences.

What does Lotus Health and Psychology do?

Lotus Health and Psychology fills an important gap in perinatal care. They support parents who don’t “fit” typical obstetric and maternity services, such as solo parents, parents who have experienced obstetric loss, traumatic birth, or infertility, those having their “rainbow baby” after loss, and LGBTIQA+ parents. They recognise that not all people can (or want to) physically visit a clinic, whether for psychological, physical, or geographical reasons, so services can be accessed by telehealth, ensuring all people have access to quality, caring support.

Lotus Health and Psychology Narelle Dickinson.

What services do they offer?

The Lotus Health and Psychology team offers genuinely integrated allied health services that ensure the physical and psychological health needs of each patient are met. Lotus provides “wrap-around” care from practitioners including psychologists, a social worker/postpartum doula, fertility counsellors, a couples and sexual health counsellor, a naturopath/nutritionist, a midwife/lactation consultant, a parenting coach and beauty/massage therapist.

They specialise in the provision of care for people experiencing fertility issues (including surrogacy and donor conception, coping with infertility, and accepting a life of childlessness), specific reproductive needs (prenatal, pregnancy and postnatal), or more general reproductive transitions (including people coping with adolescence or menopause). But (good news!) their skilled clinicians also support people with more general health and life stress needs (e.g. chronic pain or health conditions, work stress, family tress, relationship stress, weight loss goals (and much, much more)).

Lotus Director, Narelle Dickinson said “We pride ourselves on finding ways to support people who might not “fit” typical obstetric and maternity services, such as solo parents, parents with past obstetric losses, those who have had traumatic birth or infertility, those having their “rainbow baby” after loss and LGBTIQA+ parents. We love our little house, but we also understand that not everyone can (or want to) physically visit us in person, so our clinicians also offer telehealth support if that is the preference.”

Lotus Health and Psychology waiting room.

Lotus Health and Psychology’s group programs

Lotus has recently introduced a range of groups, including mindful watercolour classes led by local artist Leticia Collins, antenatal/birth preparation classes, new-parent groups, and women’s circles, each of which increase the psychological, and emotional “toolboxes” of individual participants, and help build social and community connections (anyone else been having trouble building their friendship circles??!!).

Lotus Health and Psychology provides a real environment of care. Their friendly admin team make sure to take careful care of you from your first contact with them. They really understand how important it is to make sure that you feel safe. When you visit the clinic, you are welcomed into a professional, but relaxed and caring atmosphere. The team have worked hard to create a warm, “homey” feel to the clinic (it feels much more like you have walked into someone’s home, than a medical facility!), and, outside, you are surrounded by a divine, multi-sensory garden space (the “waiting room” has a giant mango tree which you can sit under and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee). Parents are welcomed to bring their infants, and the team can accommodate if you’d rather have your session out in the beautiful garden, equipped with play equipment for little hands and feet.

Lotus Health and Psychology business premises with rainbow flags.


I love the homey feel that Lotus has – it is so different from other medical clinics! Every time I visit, it feels as though I am visiting a friend. It is just so lovely.

There are quite simply not enough love emojis in the Metaverse nor the universe to express my gratitude for everything Lotus is and does.

Frequently asked questions

I don’t think I can afford private care. Lotus Health and Psychology understands that the cost of living has sky-rocketed and lots of people are doing it tough. They offer low-cost services where they can, including psychology/counselling support.

I’ve just had a baby, can I bring them to the appointment with me? Of course you can – the Lotus team love babies and will do everything they can to make the visit comfortable for both of you.

I live too far away, can I have an online appointment? Absolutely. They’d love to see you in person, but understand that’s often just not possible, so most of the Lotus team offer telehealth session (some even home visit!).

I need after hours appointments. Can you do that? Just ask the Lotus Health and Psychology admin, as some of their team members offer weekend or after hours sessions.

It’s such a treat to feel how much the team care about making sure each and every patient gets exactly the care they need. Check out the Lotus Health and Psychology website to see the full team, the full range of services available, or even just read some of their informative blogs.