A Different Type of Birthday Party

Rock Climbing. Parkour. Ninja Warrior.

All three: Rock Climbing; Parkour and Ninja Warrior are some of the most natural things for kids to do. From babies, they’re climbing out of cribs, jumping from furniture to furniture and swinging off trees.

And with the popularity of Parkour on YouTube, Australian Ninja Warrior, and the introduction of Rock Climbing in the upcoming Olympics, the number of kids running around and scaling up buildings has exploded! As well as the numbers of parents running or climbing after said children.

At Crank, children get the chance to become one of the amazing climbers, ninjas, and traceurs that they see on TV.

In these birthday parties, children are led through fun (and safe!) activities by party facilitators, which means instead of chasing after their children, parents can relax with a coffee and watch their children as they have the time of their life!

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Indoor Rockclimbing Party Information

Parties like this are suitable for children of all ages and abilities, Crank’s run birthday parties for children from 5 years and over.

Parties run for 2 hours, filled with the perfect blend of fun and physical activities that are sure to give each child a memorable experience, and the sheer variety of experiences that these parties offer to ensure that partygoers will never get bored; there’s always something new and exciting to do.

Kids will race through obstacle courses and complete challenges in the parkour gym, fly through the Ninja Warrior course (making sure to keep their feet off the ground) and take to the climbing walls.

Even within these disciplines, there’s something for everybody, climbing doesn’t just restrict kids to one wall, they can race up the speed wall, go through climbing games on the bouldering walls, or just take their time to get comfortable on the roped walls and try out as many climbs as they can.

While the walls are stocked with easy climbs for beginners, there will be plenty of more difficult climbs for the more advanced climbers, or perhaps the more daring, to challenge themselves with.

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Rock Climbing, Parkour and Ninja Warrior skills

While all of this is fun for children, as always there’s a hidden agenda behind it, helping kids develop the skills they need for their everyday lives.

Most obviously these activities will help children with their physical development, increasing their all-round strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as teach their hand, feet and eye coordination.

But other benefits are the impact that climbing has on children’s mental and emotional development. Climbing, parkour and ninja help kids improve their problem solving, planning and decision-making skills; they must plan and coordinate their hands and feet to complete activities.

As well as build their confidence and self-esteem.  Although these sports can be scary when they start, by getting out of their comfort zone and making their way up the wall, through the course, and completing challenges, they will overcome their fear and this in turn will boost their self-esteem, even if they don’t quite do it perfectly.

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Rockclimbing Party Testimonials

Just to say thanks for organising a fantastic 7th birthday party for my son! The staff were fantastic, not to mention the outstanding service of Clara, the party coordinator who innovatively and passionately sorted out some concerns we had the day before our party. It was wonderful and several kids remarked it was the best party ever! My son is hooked! We will definitely be back. Mannina Meidinger

Today we had our daughter’s 10th birthday party at Crank and what an awesome experience they had. Maggie, the facilitator was amazing and really engaged the girls and got them all participating and having fun. All the girls said they had a fantastic time and we’re going to get their parents to book parties for them later in the year. Well done Maggie and well-done Crank! Adrian Feld

We had our son’s 9th birthday party here today & to use his words it was “totally epic!!” The most stress-free party I’ve had, your staff are professional, organised & thoroughly patient with a group of raucous, overexcited 9yr old boys. Harry was our party leader & was fabulous, cannot praise him enough for his enthusiasm, energy & patience. I would highly recommend Crank for future parties. Thankyou!!! Helen Elgar

To find out more or to book a party go to https://www.crankclimbing.com.au/parties/