Practical Wing Chun Kidsfit Program

Giving your child a skill is better than giving one thousand pieces of gold” – Chinese Proverb

Why Kidsfit Wing Chun?

Practical Wing Chun, kids self defence, Kidsfit Wing Chun

Practical Wing Chun believe that the time between the ages of 5 – 16 years is a very important time for children’s development.

Healthy skills and habits will lead to success in all aspects of their lives. These positive classes are aimed at younger students to teach them respect and good behaviour – both in and out of their Kung Fu classes. The class consists of a high instructor to student ratio.

Children will also develop the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Motor Fitness
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Defence
  • Confidence
  • Dealing with threatening situations
  • Life Skills
  • Team Work

Stranger awareness, emergency procedures and how to avoid bullying are all part of the syllabus. Practical Wing Chun work closely with parents to help improve behaviour at home and school, encouraging the early development of self discipline.

What is Wing Chun?

Self defense classes for kids

Wing Chun is a self defence system, said to have been invented by a woman more than 300 years ago. It is said to be the only Kungfu out of 300 types of Kungfu that is created by a woman. Wing Chun does not pit force against force. It works on diverting force and use structure and angles to manipulate attackers. Hence it is suitable for all ages.

Who is the Instructor?

Practical Wing Chun, kids self defence, Kidsfit Wing Chun

Sifu Jack Leung started training Wing Chun in 1996 with Grand Master Wan Kam Leung in Hong Kong. After 17 years of training under the guidance of Grand Master Wan, he was certified as a Practical Wing Chun instructor in 2013 and is currently appointed as a Regional Director for Practical Wing Chun Australia. Sifu Leung runs 5 clubs in Queensland, from Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Sifu Jack Leung and his team of instructors are fully certified with First Aid & Blue Cards (working with children).

Where are the clubs located?

Practical Wing Chun, martial arts classes for kids

Woolloongabba – Basement Level, Latvian House, 24 Church Ave. Woolloongabba, Brisbane

Underwood – Unit 2/31 Darnick St. Underwood, Brisbane

Southport – 6 Lawson St, Southport, Gold Coast

cartoon of boy and girl practicing self defence

Group Classes, Private Classes, Adults, Teenager and Kids Classes are available. To find out more, please visit the Practical Wing Chun Kidsfit website.