BeXD Create’s Singing and Acting classes have been specifically designed for teenagers. These classes have been designed by industry professionals for teenagers of any level to join to build confidence and technical skills, have fun and form a tight-knit community with like-minded peers. Whether you are looking for a new activity for your teens to explore, or your child is considering the performing arts as a career path, these classes are a great step to make sure your teen has a well-informed, and enjoyable journey as an artist.

These classes prioritize good mental health practices, confidence building, practical technique and community. BeXD Create offers a Singing and Drama Class and an Acting class for ages 13-19 years. They also run a Teens Social Dance Group.

Teens Singing & Drama Class (Kenmore)

BeXD Create teen sitting reading lines.

In this class, your teens will work individually and as a group to develop their acting and singing skills. They will work on group song – developing skills in harmony, blending and teamwork – as well as individually working on voice technique breath, performance and finding their unique tone. BeXD’s teachers specialise in Musical Theatre, Pop, Jazz and Classical Singing, and can coach each students based on their desired musical path, whether that be singing on a stage, with a band, or in a recording studio.

Students will also work on many different elements of drama throughout the year. This includes script work and analysis, script writing, monologues, voice projection, character creation, improvisation, storytelling and voice acting. Students will work on both Film and Theatre elects of acting and explore classical and contemporary works depending on their interest and goals.

At the end of each 10 week term, students perform in a short showcase for friends and family and participate in an end-of-year concert, often showcase a work they have devised as a class throughout the year.

Teens Acting for Stage & Screen (Indooroopilly, Rochedale & Pinjarra Hills)

BeXD Create boys performing on stage.

BeXD Create’s Acting for Stage and Screen Program is relatively new, but has grown very quickly due to popular demand. In this program, students explore acting technique specific to stage performance and film. Each term, students will practice self tests (this is how we audition for TV commercials, short films and feature films), create short films, rehearse plays, practice improvisation exercises, learn about script analysis, scriptwriting and directing, and much more. This is a very practical class, created by industry professionals, to give teenagers the tools and content they need to pursue their interest in acting to whatever level they wish, whether that is as a hobby or as a professional. This course runs each school term and also as a holiday workshop.

Classes in the past have created short films, music videos and play based on what the students are most interested in or wishing to develop their skills in each term.

What Stands Out About BeXD Create?

BeXD Create teens performing on stage.

BeXD Create’s classes are focused on building a supportive community, good mental practices that students can use throughout their artist journey and help each student find their unique path. These courses are not designed to churn out cookie cutter artists or to make students fit into a specific mould. At BeXD Create, students’ uniqueness is celebrated, collaboration is encouraged and setbacks and mistakes are part of learning.


My son had a fantastic experience attending after school Drama lessons over the last two years in Rochedale. Katie and her team at BeXD have been so supportive, have helped my son to gain confidence, work cooperatively with a team or independently through weekly activities, script work, improvisation and other drama games resulting in exciting end of term performances. It has also been a great way to get to know other children outside school with a love of acting. Highly recommend the BeXD team to anyone looking for a fun, engaging extracurricular for their children!” – Jessica, parent

My child has started with BeXD weekly drama classes in term 2 and has absolutely loved them! It has been a great and safe space for him to express his inner actor. The teachers are fantastic. He also joined in for the school holiday musical workshop and performed in his first on stage production – High School Musical. Not only did he enjoy the week of workshop but LOVED performing for all the families and friends at the end of the week. It was also a great show for the parents to enjoy. Highly recommend BeXD Create!!!” – Renee, parent

Frequently Asked Questions

BeXD Create drama stage performance.

Can I trial a class before I pay for the whole term? Yes! Paid trial classes are offered before you commit to the whole term. These can be booked via their website.

My teen loves to sing or act at home but is very shy in front of others. What can I do to help them? Reach out, ask questions and give it a go. BEXD Create have trial classes for this purpose. It’s normal to feel nervous when we express ourselves in front of others and try new things. Encouragement and validation goes a long way. Often having a place outside the immediate comfort zone (at home/with family) where your teen can make mistakes and be in a safe environment surrounded by like-minded peers is the best thing to help them come out of their shell. It can be uncomfortable to start with and that’s okay. It may not be the right class or the right time for your teen and that’s okay too, but BEXD Create encourages everyone to give it a go.

My teen has special needs, are these classes suitable? Neurodiverse students are very welcome in these classes. BEXD Create have assistant teachers to offer extra support to any students who need it. These classes are suitable for most physical disabilities, just send an email to double check at

Do I stay with my child during class? Nope! You just drop them off and the teachers take it from there. If you wish to stay, the teachers will ask that you participate in class as a student. BeXD have found that if parent’s are sitting and watching the class it can be distracting or make some students more shy.

To find out more, including booking a trial class, please visit the BeXD Create website.