Scale new heights and experience the thrill of bouldering at Wall Walkers Bouldering Capalaba! Their mission is to create a fun and safe climbing experience for everyone. With a focus on a higher quantity of routes combined with more frequent route setting, they aim to create a space where new/casual climbers, kids, and experienced climbers can all find something challenging and fun. Their facility offers everything your family will need for a fun day of climbing, then, once you’re good and tired, head to the beach only 10 mins away at Redland Bay.

What is bouldering?

Wall Walkers Bouldering walls.

Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that emphasizes balance and strategy over brute strength, making it accessible to people of all skill levels and physical abilities. It involves climbing short (3 – 4.5 m), challenging routes without ropes or harnesses; to ensure safe landings, the ground is cushioned with 40cm thick, soft crash mats. Due to their large number of routes and holds on the wall, Wall Walkers Bouldering is an excellent place to start learning to climb.

Climbing Tip:

When climbing, focus on using your legs and feet for stability and strength, and take breaks as needed.

Bouldering is a fun and social activity, with a friendly community that supports and encourages each other.

Bouldering for Kids and Parents

Wall Walkers Bouldering safety initiation.

Wall Walkers Bouldering has a range of challenging and fun routes (60+) and is an excellent place for kids and adults to climb. The added density of climbing holds on their walls give kids the ability to find alternative solutions to climbing problems which may not exist otherwise. Bouldering promotes physical strength, coordination, persistence, balance, and encourages problem solving as a kind of physical puzzle.

Safety and Supervision

At Wall Walkers Bouldering, safety is their top priority. Their trained staff members are always on hand to supervise and assist climbers, ensuring everyone can enjoy the experience in a safe and controlled environment. They provide all necessary safety equipment, including a soft 40cm thick crash mat and climbing shoes, along with an introductory safety briefing for all visitors before they start climbing.

Group Bookings and Parties

Wall Walkers Bouldering group with children.

Wall Walkers Bouldering is the perfect place to host a party or group event! They offer group bookings for schools, youth groups, and corporate events, as well as birthday parties. It’s simple, fun, and challenging and climbing is a great group activity!

Climbing Courses and Workshops

For those looking to develop their climbing skills, they offer a range of courses and workshops for kids and adults. Their kids’ course, YouthFam – Fun with a purpose, is designed to teach climbing skills, techniques, and physical fitness all in one. Over the course of each class, kids will experience a general introduction and fundamentals of climbing.

Alternatively, CompSquad – Build strength, skill, and technique, provides kids training to become a stronger more advanced climber with like-minded people. Comp Squad is for kids who want to test their limits, learn advanced climbing movements and techniques such as, in-depth footwork, body positioning/awareness, using momentum, optimizing the use of hold types and grip types, detailed beta breakdown, visualisation.

Their other courses, such as BoulderFit, are designed to teach participants the basics of bouldering, including techniques for climbing and falling safely. They also hold workshops and group events to teach and learn specific skills, advanced climbing techniques, and strength training ideas.

Community and Events

Wall Walkers Bouldering group training.

At Wall Walkers, they’re proud to be part of the local community. They regularly host events and competitions for climbers of all ages and skill levels, providing a fun and supportive environment for their visitors to connect and learn from one another. Keep an eye on their website and social media channels for updates on upcoming events and activities!


Wall Walkers Bouldering is proud to have Brisbane’s and Capalaba’s first and only 25° MoonBoard (2019 Hold set). Currently with 3000+ routes created, simply connect your phone via Bluetooth and choose from one to light up on the wall. The 25° MoonBoard is best for intermediate climbers and provides a more reasonable challenge for new climbers just getting into the sport. Test yourself against climbing heroes or set your own routes for fun!


My son and I had an amazing time climbing at Wall Walkers Bouldering. The atmosphere was fantastic, and the staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to sign up for a membership, and we’re excited to continue our climbing journey with the support of such a great community.” – John, Wall Walkers Member

Great place for bouldering. Friendly and inclusive owners. My son is loving the kids’ classes on Saturday. Great to have this gym in the Redlands 👍” – Peter, Wall Walkers Bouldering

My son and I have been coming here since they opened, and we absolutely love it! The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming, which has made us feel like part of the community from day one. We love that there are routes suitable for climbers of all levels, from beginner to advanced and could not recommend this gym more to anyone looking for a fun and challenging workout.” – Rohan, Wall Walkers Bouldering

Frequently Asked Questions

Wall Walkers Bouldering spectators.

What if I fall? Falling is an inescapable part of climbing. At Wall Walkers Bouldering, 40 cm thick climbing mats extend 2 m from the most extreme point of the climbing wall to ensure they catch you no matter which climbs you’re attempting, this is to reduce the risk of injury during a fall. All their mats and the wall structure comply with the latest Australian Standards for Artificial Climbing Structures (AS 2316.1.2:2021).

The way in which you fall is also important and every new climber at Wall Walkers will be shown the safest possible way to fall during the initial induction. This method is in line with the latest Australian Standards as outlined in Appendix E, Safety guidance E.3.2 Accidental Falls.

E.3.2 Accidental falls

  1. In the case of an accidental fall, a boulderer should —
  2. land on two feet with knees and arms bent;
  3. roll on the mat (landing zone/IAS) to allow absorption of the fall;
  4. resist extending an arm to break the fall; and
  5. resist landing on one leg.

Is there an age limit? Wall Walkers Bouldering has a minimum age of 7.

What do I need? Bouldering only really requires climbing shoes and some chalk. If you do not have your own they have rental equipment available to make sure you have the best climb possible.

Do I need to book ahead of time? No. Bookings are not required. Just rock up and climb your heart out.

What do I wear? When climbing it is best to wear clothes similar to what you would wear to the gym. They should stretch and bend with you during your climbs.

What is a MoonBoard? The MoonBoard is a standardized and interactive training wall. It is fixed at a specific inverted angle with each hold and grip placed at the same spacing and rotation, in
this way, all MoonBoard are the same worldwide and can be rated using the same system. You can use the free Moon Climbing App to access a global network of user-generated problems and
competitive performance rankings.

You can climb problems set by your friends and climbing heroes or create and upload your own problems for other climbers to challenge.

Is there a time limit? No. If you hold a casual pass or membership, you may climb all day… if your arms will allow it.

To find out more, please visit the Wall Walkers Bouldering website.