Give your child a party they will never forget with an Activate Sports Archery Tag Party!

Activate Sports is excited to bring the sport of Archery Tag to kids in Brisbane! Archery tag is a safe, fast-paced and incredibly fun sport played worldwide. Think dodgeball, paintball and archery all merged into one action-packed game!

Archery tag is played on a small rectangular field with participants using bows and specially designed foam-tipped arrows so they don’t hurt the opponent. The objective of the game is to hit or ‘tag’ targets and players on the opposing team with an arrow. Inflatable bunkers are spread throughout the field for players to use as cover!

What is included in an Archery Tag Party?

An Activate Sports Archery Tag Party is for children aged 7 or older. The event host will arrive 45 minutes early to set-up the Archery Tag Arena. The host will then give a safety briefing and teach the kids how to use the bow. Players will then get 15-20 minutes of target practice and specific instruction to fine-tune their shooting technique. After this, it’s on to competitive gameplay! Participants will play a variety of different archery tag game modes, including first to one hundred, medic, treason, classic elimination and team deathmatch.

When booking an archery tag event the following is included:

  • Event coordinator
  • All equipment and safety gear (bows, arrows, arm guards & facemasks)
  • Inflatable bunkers
  • 15-20min of shooting technique practice and instruction
  • A variety of fun game modes

If you are interested in hosting an Activate Sports Archery Tag Party you will need to consider the party location, if you are interested in including any ‘add on’ activities and the duration of the event. Scroll down to find out more about each of these.

Group of children learning about archery tag

Party location options

Activate Sports operates a mobile service and can bring the action to you! You are able to host events at your home, a local park or sports club, or at a local indoor sports venue. See more information about each location below.

Hosting a Party at Home

To hold an archery tag party at home, you will need a space of at least 8m x 15m. The Activate Sports event host will turn your backyard into an Archery Tag Arena with inflatable bunkers!

Hosting a Party at a Park

You can host an archery tag party at any local park, as long as there is a flat space of at least 8m x 15m. The Activate Sports event host will arrive early to set-up the Archery Tag Arena ready for action!

Hosting a Party at an Indoor Sports Venue

A great way to enjoy an Activate Sports Archery Tag party rain, hail or shine is to host it at a local indoor sports centre or school sports hall. Provide Activate Sports with a list of preferred venues and let Activate Sports sort out the booking.

Kids posing for archery photo with Activate Sports

Add On options

An Activate Sports Archery Tag Party can be tailor-made to suit the Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl! If your child has a favourite sport or enjoys playing tag games or dodgeball, then why not ‘add on’ these sports/activities to make it an event they will never forget! Adding on an additional activity is a good way to keep the event exciting, particularly for
younger children. The ‘add on’ activity will run for 30 minutes, or you can increase the length of the add on activity by additional 30-minute blocks. Below is a list of our most popular ‘add ons’

  • Dodgeball Add On – Play a number of different dodgeball style games. Always a crowd-pleaser!
  • Tag Games Add On – Various fun tag games such as tails and red-rover get kids running around having an absolute ball!
  • Soccer Add On – Staff will organise a number of fun, small soccer games and competitions!
  • Pick-a-Sport Add On – If there is another activity or sport not listed here just enquire and we can likely include it as an add on!

Child doing archery with Activate Sports

Pricing packages

The cost of an Activate Sports Archery Tag Party depends on the number of participants and the duration of the event. Remember that you will need to book the Archery Tag section of the event for at least an hour to give participants enough time to learn how to properly shoot and play a few games!

  • 1 Hour of Play | $29.90 per person – Great for a taster event, however, be aware that the event moves quite quickly!
  • 1.5 Hour of Play | $39.90 per person – A more relaxed event allowing party guests to spend more time playing their favourite game modes!
  • 2 Hour of Play | $45.90 per person – The ideal duration to become an elite archer! A 2-Hour event is perfect when choosing a 30 minute ‘add on’!
  • 2.5 Hour of Play | $51.90 per person – For the absolute sports-mad kids! A 2.5 hour event is best paired with an ‘add on’ or two!

If you are booking for more than 20 people, you will need to consider the length of the event to ensure everyone gets enough time to learn and play Archery Tag. If you are booking for more than 20 people, each additional participant will be priced at a discounted rate. You will be required to give an estimate of participants when booking and Marc (the owner) will discuss the discounted pricing with you.

If you are interested in hosting an Activate Sports Archery Tag Party, please contact Marc on 0432 593 346, via email on, or visit the Activate Sports website

Children practising archery

What you need to know

  • Send booking enquiry online via the Activate Sports website
  • For ages 7 and older
  • No experience necessary
  • ‘Add on’ any additional activities to design a bespoke event

About Activate Sports

Activate Sports is dedicated to activating the fun back into sport and physical activity! The owner, Marc, is a physical education teacher with over 10 years of experience developing children’s motor skills and encouraging them to be active. Activate Sports believes that fun and enjoyment are the essential ingredients for promoting a lifelong love of
sport and being active.

Activate Sports runs Archery Tag events for kids and adults and also has a special program available to book during the school holidays