Family Psychologists and Counsellors

All children come with their unique personalities, strengths, and also challenges. Sometimes as parents and carers we are able to cope with our child’s issues alone, but often we need specialist help in order to deal with these challenges in the most positive, practical and beneficial way for everyone involved. This is where family psychologists can often help.

How can a family psychologist help?

Often children have behavioural issues that we need support in tackling, with concrete therapies, strategies and skills for making positive changes and creating more harmonious households and daily lives. Sometimes we have parenting issues, relationship challenges or difficulties communicating. Other times, parents and carers need help dealing with the challenges of physical or intellectual disabilities, medical disorders, issues such as anxiety, grief or depression, and many more challenges that can affect family relationships and wellbeing.

You are not alone

If you feel like you may need help in any such area, you are not alone. There are experienced, caring and trusted psychologists who are qualified to help you and can create personalised plans to ensure you and your family get the best outcomes.

Here in Brisbane we have dedicated behaviour specialist centres offering behavioural intervention services and mobile child psychologists so you can get the support you need in the most convenient way. We also have access to specialised psychology services for all parents and carers to connect, learn, and discover joy in caring for kids.

To find out more about all the support available to help you and your children, please visit the links below.

Changes Psychology is a team of child psychologists offering mobile psychology and family psychology service on Brisbane Northside and Ipswich.

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Blooming Heart Therapy is a Brisbane based psychotherapist who strives to create a stronger, authentic, healthier identity for children, teens and fam...

Norman Park

Child Aware is a Brisbane based Counselling and Psychology service with two convenient locations in Carina and Strathpine.

Carina, Strathpine

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