Aspley Devils Netball Club is a north Brisbane based club dedicated to providing a happy, safe and fun environment for netball players of all abilities.

Each winter season they have teams ranging from ages 7 to Opens (19 years and above). The club trains at the Craigslea State High School netball courts in West Chermside during the week, and competes on Saturdays at Downey Park Netball Association in Windsor.

At the end of each season from October to December, Aspley Devils Netball Club runs clinics for players (girls and boys) aged 6 to 10 to help develop netball skills as part of their NetSetGO! program.

What are the benefits of netball?

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Young players can derive several benefits from playing netball, a fast-paced and dynamic team sport. Here are some advantages for players:

  • Physical fitness, coordination and motor skills
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Social skills
  • Discipline and time management
  • Confidence building
  • Mental toughness
  • Healthy lifestyle habits
  • Learning rules and strategy
  • Enjoyment and recreation

Why choose Aspley Devils Netball Club?

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Aspley Devils Netball Club can provide significant value to its players and their families in various aspects; fostering personal development, social engagement, and a sense of community. Here is what you can expect from the Aspley Devils Netball Club:

Skill Development

Aspley Devils Netball Club is a place where players can receive coaching and guidance to enhance their netball skills. This includes learning proper techniques for passing, shooting, defending, and overall game-play.

Physical Fitness

Regular training sessions and competitive matches contribute to the physical fitness of players. Netball involves aerobic and anaerobic exercise, helping participants maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Netball is a team sport that heavily relies on effective teamwork. Being part of the Aspley Devils Netball Club provides players with the opportunity to work collaboratively with teammates, enhancing their communication and cooperation skills.

Competitive Experience

Aspley Devils Netball Club competes every Saturday during winter and also attends various netball carnivals, providing players with valuable competitive experience. This exposure helps them learn to handle pressure, develop resilience, and improve their overall game performance.

Social Connections

Joining Aspley Devils Netball Club offers players, and their families, the chance to build lasting friendships and social connections. The shared passion for the sport creates a supportive and inclusive community.

Mentorship and Role Models

Experienced coaches and older players within the club can serve as mentors and role models for younger or less experienced participants. This mentorship fosters personal and skill development and encourages a positive club culture.

Sense of Belonging

Being part of Aspley Devils Netball Club provides players with a sense of belonging to a community. This sense of identity and belonging can positively impact a player’s overall well-being.

Leadership Opportunities

Aspley Devils Netball Club provides opportunities for players to take on leadership roles, such as team captaincy, club captaincy and sub or management committee positions. This can help develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility.

Life Skills Development

Beyond netball-specific skills, players can learn important life skills such as time management, goal setting, and the ability to cope with success and failure through their involvement with Aspley Devils Netball Club.

Parental Involvement

The club can also provide an avenue for parental involvement. Parents may volunteer, support events, and become part of the larger netball community.

Having been founded in 1975, the Aspley Devils Netball Club has provided a holistic experience for players of all abilities for decades, combining skills development, physical activity, social connections, and personal growth.

This Brisbane North family club is more than just a sports team; Aspley Devils Netball Club is a supportive community that contributes to the overall well-being of its members.

The Aspley Devils Story

Aspley Devils Netball Club high five.

It all started in 1975 when 3 avid netballers – Amy, Gwen and Jenny – wanted a club to join that was close to their home suburb of Aspley. Unable to find one, they formed one and in its first year the Aspley Devils Netball Club fielded 1 senior team and 1 junior team!

In the years following the club grew and grew and they soon realised they needed a home training ground.

The netball club approached Craigslea State High School with a proposition of providing lighting for the school’s existing netball courts, funded in part by many lamingtons, bake sales and Wednesday night bingo sessions at the local football club!

A fantastic deal was struck whereby the netball club would pay for the installation of the lights and the school would allow the club to train there.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though! Amy recalls the local council, having concerns with potential noise from the training at Craigslea, and requested the residents surrounding the school be approached and approve of the light installations and potential noisy training.

So Amy, Gwen and others from the netball club went door-knocking through the neighbourhood, armed with whistles to show the residents that the noise would be minimal!

With the neighbourhood on board, the lights were installed and Aspley Devils Netball Club has retained a great relationship with the school ever since.

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s the Aspley Devils Netball Club were based at Bradbury Park, however they moved to the Downey Park Netball Association in the 90’s. This move has proven extremely beneficial as Downey Park currently has over 3000 teams playing, providing one of the largest competitions in Queensland, and a great pathway for aspiring representative players.

From its original two teams, Aspley Devils Netball Club now has teams in every age division, from 7 year-olds all the way up to Opens (including some 60+ year-olds).

They have mothers and daughters playing; fathers, mothers and sisters coaching and managing teams; and fathers, sons, mothers and daughters umpiring for the club.

More than just a netball club, Aspley Devils Netball truly is a proud family club.


Aspley Devils Netball Club hands in the air.

Last Saturday my daughter in team #11 was squaring off to a vastly taller and better opposition. Word obviously got around the Devils about the game, and the Devils turned up in droves. The cheering and support were something, as a club, that we should be very thankful and proud of. I was the scorer and the difference between the supporters for the teams was Enya vs AC/DC . Thank you Devil family. Gave us a great memory during a huge defeat. Netball was the big winner on the day!! Amazing!

Joining Aspley Devils Netball was a game-changer for me! The new friends, awesome coaching, and incredible club spirit have made my experience here unforgettable. I’m proud to be part of this amazing netball family!

Such fun being a part of this beautiful club!

Great support around the games!! Love this club!

To find out more, please visit the Aspley Devils Netball Club website.