Balance Brisbane: Where Fun Meets Progress!

Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging way to keep your children active, confident, and excited about fitness? Look no further than Balance Brisbane, a gymnastics and ninja club that’s taking the Brisbane community by storm! At Balance Brisbane, they’re all about helping children make real progress in gymnastics and ninja while having a ton of fun. Best of all, they prioritise the development of skills, strength, and coordinationwithout the pressure of competitions. Here’s why Balance Brisbane is the perfect place for your family.

Who Can Take Part? Everyone!

Balance Brisbane toddler class.

Balance Brisbane believes that gymnastics and ninja are for everyone. They offer a wide range of programs to cater to most ages and interests:

  • Under 5’s program: mixed gender classes that promote fundamental movement and build confidence.
  • School age gymnastics: tailored to different age groups and ability levels. 
  • Ninja: an exciting fusion of ‘Ninja Warrior’, parkour, and tricking, open to all genders. 
  • Tumbling: perfect for children aged 6 plus who love Acro and cheerleading. 
  • Classes for Parents and Grandparents: yes, they have programs for adults too!

Gymnastics Programs On Offer

Mini Monkeys (18 months – 3 years)

In this class, parents join their little ones to explore the beginnings of gymnastics. They focus on dominant movement patterns to improve balance, strength, coordination, and body awareness.

Juniors (3 – 4-year-olds)

Juniors is the next step, with parents transitioning to the sidelines. Children build confidence, master gymnastics-specific elements, and enhance spatial awareness.

Kindy (4 – 5-year-olds)

For the energetic preschoolers, Kindy classes focus on movement milestones, including handstands and can lead to some impressive rope climbs! Safety is paramount as these young ones gain confidence in their newfound skills.

School-aged Gymnastics (4 years+)

Open to all genders, gymnasts build strength, enhance concentration, and positively impacts academic performance. Plus, it’s fun!

Ninja (5 years+)

Balance Brisbane’s Ninja program combines elements from ninja warrior, parkour, and martial arts tricking. It’s a thrilling, mixed-gender adventure that develops core strength, physical confidence, agility, and balance. Plus, it’s loads of fun!

Come Try!

Balance Brisbane want you to find the perfect fit for your child. They recommend a trial session before committing to a class. This allows your child to explore different options, whether it’s gymnastics, ninja, or tumbling. Trials are cost-effective and help you make an informed decision.

Once you decide to enrol, their system is simple and flexible. Your enrollment is ongoing on a monthly basis until you decide to take a break. Payments are made via direct debit on the first of each month, and you can keep your preferred time and day. The longer your child attends, the more progress they’ll make!

School Holidays

Balance Brisbane teen balancing beams.

Balance Brisbane also offers an exciting school holiday program designed to keep your kids active, happy, and engaged. With both gymnastics and ninja gym options, your child will have a blast while you get some well-deserved time to yourself. Drop off in the morning and pick up at 1pm – it’s the perfect way to keep your children entertained during the holidays.

Find out more about holiday programs here.


Our kids have absolutely loved Ninja at Balance Gymnastics. The coaches are awesome, the setting is safe and the sessions are fun! This is non-competitive gymnastics with a ‘hip twist’ and, even though our kids were complete beginners, they quickly built their strength, along with a whole range of very cool skills…plus they made some lovely new mates. We’d definitely recommend Balance Gymnastics and Ninja!” – Leith, Balance Brisbane parent

My 5 year old and 8 year old love Balance Brisbane. It’s been great to see their strength, fitness and coordination improve in a fun and safe environment!” – Amy, Balance Brisbane parent

Balance Brisbane are dedicated to helping your children develop confidence, strength, and coordination in a fun and inclusive environment. Join them for an
unforgettable gymnastics and ninja experience that will benefit your child for a lifetime.

Book a trial session and discover the perfect program for your family at Balance Brisbane!

Visit their website for more details on costs and terms and conditions. Don’t miss out on the incredible journey of growth and fun waiting for your child at Balance Brisbane!