Blooming Heart Therapy provides Play Therapy and Counselling to children, adolescents and adults.

Blooming Heart Therapy is a Brisbane based psychotherapist who strives to create a stronger, authentic, healthier identity for children, teens, and families.

Blooming Heart Therapy supports children and families who would like to better understand their challenges as well as focusing on strengths. Every child and family is unique. Blooming Heart Therapy will create individualised treatment plans based upon the values, beliefs, culture, and the needs of the family.

Blooming Heart Therapy nurtures children and families to complete contentment.

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Play Therapy

Play Therapy involves the use of play to communicate with children. Communicating through the medium of play helps children learn to solve problems and change their negative behaviors. The therapeutic play room is a safe and secure space where the child is able to process their emotions and experiences process their emotions and experiences without fear of judgement.

Play Therapy is recommended for children experiencing a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Life transitions such as divorce and blended families
  • Self control and impulsivity
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Sadness and depression
  • Trauma
  • Medical trauma
  • Abuse and neglect
  • Adoption support
  • Bullying and struggling peer relationships
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Social skills/boundaries
  • Grief/bereavement
  • Attachment concerns
  • Nightmares or bed-wetting
  • Strengthening family relationships
  • Challenges with academic motivation success
  • Focus
  • Sensory Disorders
  • Low self-esteem

Teen Counselling

Blooming Heart Therapy works with teens to offer a safe space to help them develop self-understanding, self-advocacy, and lead happier contented lives.

They work with teens on a variety of challenges as they transition into adulthood including self-esteem, trauma, school life and sexuality.

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Family Therapy and Parent Support

Blooming Heart Therapy provides a space where families can express and work through painful emotions and have difficult conversations. Part of healthy communication is being able to express yourself and be heard and appreciated when speaking.

Blooming Heart Therapy offers parent coaching and support. Working together, you can discover and create new pathways that allow you to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and are holding you back from experiencing the beauty of parenthood.

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Filial Play Therapy

Filial Play Therapy (FPT) is a therapeutic approach that combines elements of play therapy and family therapy, primarily focusing on improving the parent-child relationship and enhancing emotional and behavioral functioning in children. This method is unique because it involves training parents to conduct therapeutic play sessions with their own children under the guidance and supervision of a trained therapist.

Key Features of Filial Play Therapy:

  1. Parental Involvement: Unlike traditional play therapy, where a therapist works directly with the child, FPT involves parents as the primary agents of change. Parents learn therapeutic play techniques and conduct play sessions with their children.
  2. Training and Supervision: Parents receive training from a therapist on how to engage in therapeutic play, including understanding play themes, recognizing and responding to children’s emotional needs, and using specific therapeutic skills. The therapist provides ongoing supervision and support.
  3. Strengthening Relationships: The core objective of FPT is to enhance the parent-child relationship. By engaging in play, parents can better understand their children’s feelings and behaviors, leading to improved communication and emotional bonding.
  4. Empowerment: Parents are empowered with tools and techniques that enable them to address their children’s emotional and behavioral issues, fostering a sense of competence and confidence in their parenting skills.
  5. Child-Centered Play: The play sessions are child-centered, meaning that the child leads the play while the parent follows. This approach allows children to express themselves freely and explore their emotions in a safe environment.

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“Sarah has so much faith and understanding in people and in her practice. She is one of a kind. Helping and guiding others to their path of healing, acceptance, and self-discovery.”

“Experienced, kind and real.”

“Sarah has been a healing presence in my life. She has called me to more: more care, more truth, more play. Her ability to care for the whole person paired with her skills as a play therapist invite one to be seen and known on a deep level. I also appreciate her love of learning. She is a constant learner who is constantly training her mind and honing her skills.”

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