Music Beat Therapy Services offers mobile music therapy services for children of all abilities across greater Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Moreton Bay region.

Music Beat offers group and individual music therapy sessions from Monday to Saturday in the areas of early childhood development, disability and rehabilitation. Their music therapy program provides a focus on sensory integration, motor planning, emotional regulation, communication, social skills and general development.

Music Beat Therapy Services offers different therapeutic options to suit your family’s needs, from one off sessions at home or at your child’s school, block therapy sessions during school terms or group music therapy sessions. Their therapists are Registered Music Therapists, having each completed a Masters in Music Therapy and are registered with the Australian Music Therapy Association. Music Beat Therapy Services is a registered service provider for NDIS participants and a HCWA (Helping Children with Autism) approved provider.

Music Beat Therapy Services also offers group and individual music therapy programs to schools, respite centres, disability services and community organisations.

Music Beat Therapy Services, music therapy for children

What is Music Therapy?

Music therapy is different from music education and entertainment as it focuses on health, functioning and wellbeing. Music therapy is the therapeutic application of music and neuroscience on cognitive, motor, and sensory functions and development.

Music therapists use elements of music (beat, rhythm, pitch etc.) plus neuroscience (music’s effect on the brain) to encourage the development of communication, cognition, motor skills, sensory integration and social skills.

At Music Beat Therapy Services, their staff support these outcomes through musical play and a fun activities. Children don’t realise how hard their brains are working because they are too busy playing and having fun!

Music Beat Therapy Services, music therapy for children

Benefits of music therapy for kids with disabilities

Music therapy is such a fantastic tool for encouraging a child’s development of important skills in areas such as cognition, communication, movement, sensory integration, and social awareness. For kids with special needs, music therapy can help improve speech and communication, develop fine and gross motor through playing musical instruments, help with social skills development, assist with behaviour management and enhance their social and emotional wellbeing.

To learn more about how music therapy can benefit your child please visit the Music Beat Therapy Services website.

Please visit the Music Beat Therapy Services website to complete the enquiry form that is relevant to your situation and one of the Music Beat Therapy Services team will be in touch to discuss your needs.