The team at Dino Encounters are firm believers that learning never has to be boring. Dino Encounters offers highly educational entertainment to teach young Australians all about our prehistoric world. Be it an unforgettable dinosaur-focused birthday experience or educational school appearance, Dino Encounters is the perfect way to provide a unique insight into our pre-historic world and the creatures that once ruled our planet.

Learning about dinosaurs has never been so much fun!

Dino Encounters Interactive Shows

Exposing children to science, history and experimentation experiences on a regular basis through incursions enables children to gain a sense of the world in which they live, has a positive impact on their social skills and provides a higher level of engagement to support their learning.

Passionate, expert presenters bring the past alive in Dino Encounters’ interactive shows, helping education providers enhance their children’s learning experience. The team are all highly skilled in their field of interest and are committed to providing an unforgettable close encounter experience to all participants. The kids will have so much fun, they won’t even realise how much they’re learning from these interactive shows.

Dino Encounters Childcare Centre Incursions (Toddler to Kindy)

Dino Encounters kindy kids with volcano.

Dino Encounters has specially designed packages for kindergarten and childcare centres.

Toddlers (ages 2-3) can enjoy a close encounter and petting experience with friendly baby dinosaurs, there’s story reading, singalong, and age appropriate games to spice up their average day.

Older children (ages 3-5) will love the interactive presentations, guiding and patting a 14-foot Velociraptor, digging for fossils, and watching a volcano erupt before their very eyes!

From only one room, to your whole centre, Dino Encounters can cater for your groups. Childcare centre packages range from 1-2.5 hours, depending on the number of children and are designed to fit in with your daily routines. 

Dino Encounters School Incursions & School Holiday Programs / OSHC (Prep to Year 6)

Dino Encounters OSHC group watching dinosaur show.

Dino Encounters takes pride in helping to make education more meaningful. School incursion packages provide unique and hands-on learning experience to complement your prehistoric studies all through primary school.

Outside of school hours, vacation care is the perfect place to engage in fun learning – with kids not even realising there’s a learning part! Programs provide the same level of interactive educational presentations as school events, without compromising on the games and activities that kids need when on holidays.

All school incursion and OSHC packages include:

  • An educational show and presentation featuring a 14-foot Velociraptor, with smoke and bubble machine and sound effects
  • Interactive volcano experience
  • Activities area with baby dinosaur petting experience and games to test those gross motor skills
  • Fossicking activity to discover dinosaur skeletons, ammonite and trilobite fossils
  • Trivia with questions to suit the age group
  • Optional display of selected replica dinosaur eggs, claws, footprint or dinosaur bone

Dino Encounters Kids’ Parties, Special Events & Festivals

Dino Encounters function interacting with dinosaur.

Dino Encounters can provide customised entertainment packages that are designed to suit your special day or event. They can cater for small groups, as well as events with up to hundreds of kids.

What’s included?

  • Stage show with smoke and bubble machine and sound effects
  • Tailored entertainment to whatever your event
  • Interactive volcano experience
  • Activities area with baby dinosaur petting experience, games, and trivia
  • Fossicking activity to discover dinosaur skeletons, ammonite and trilobite fossils
  • A display of selected replica dinosaur eggs, claws, footprint or dinosaur bone.

Find out more about parties with Dino Encounters here.

Dinosaur-themed party bags & merchandise

Besides educational shows and hands on learning activities, Dino Encounters also offers a selection of dinosaur themed merchandise, individually or neatly packed in favour boxes. These are perfect for parties as well, as prizes for trivia events or your next school event raffle.

Private Dino Encounters Parties

Dino Encounters party group interacting with dinosaur.

Do you have a little palaeontologist in the making, or a super enthusiastic dinosaur lover? Do they have a birthday coming up? Dino Encounters specialises in bringing the past alive in your own
backyard. Suitable for up to 20 children from 2 years of age, private packages are the perfect way to keep the kids entertained at your birthday party or other function. A mini disco is in even included!


Thank you Dino Encounters for coming along to our Child Care Open Day! You guys absolutely ROCK! You sparked our imaginations and everyone learnt about dinosaurs while having heaps of fun. I 110% recommend Dino Encounters for any parties, open days or incursions.” – Tanya, Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten

Hands down the best interactive learning experience we have seen. We absolutely loved having Dino Encounters at our Little Scholars centre. The most engaging show and the children absolutely loved loved loved it, so did all the adults. It’s amazing they are able to bring to life a world that always captures children imagination.” – Andrew, Little Scholars School of Early Learning

We were lucky enough to have Dinosaur Encounters come to our fete and they were a HUGE success! I cannot even begin to say how much the kids loved following the dinosaur around and even having a chance to hold the lead and walk it themselves! They provided an informative stage show as well. Highly recommend.” – Sonia, Marshall Road State School

To read more about the packages on offer, please visit the Dino Encounters website.