Bradie Webb Drum Studios is the most modern, creative and exciting way to introduce your child to music. Bradie is bringing his award-winning drum lessons for kids to Brisbane for the first time with a brand NEW studio now open for bookings. 

Limited time offer.

Book a completely FREE drum session for your child these School Holidays!
It’s a 30 minute, 1 on 1 action packed session – perfect for beginners who have always wanted to try the drums.
Bookings are quickly filling up. Make sure you reserve your spot today by booking through Bradie’s website

What can I expect from a drum lesson?

Bradie provides weekly, 30 minute, private, energetic sessions filled with drum games, music theory and Dad jokes. Whether this is your child’s introduction to music or you feel like music lessons at school have become a little dull, this is undoubtedly the most entertaining way to develop music skills for kids and teens of all skills and abilities.

Bradie Webb, drum teacher sitting at drums with young student.

Drum lessons for kids and teens

Bradie is extremely passionate about making kids and teens of all abilities feel comfortable and confident while learning. Music lessons are often made over-complicated for kids, or even worse; most curriculums are often boring and outdated. Bradie teaches through a colourful, custom curriculum that prioritises fun and variety.

He has made reading music accessible for young children with ‘pictured notation’, a form of drum notation that uses images instead of regular notes. Bradie has also written multiple drum books, designed dozens of drum games, compiled hours of music trivia and owns truckloads of music tech to play with. Every term is planned accordingly, with unique lessons each week.

Who is Bradie?

Bradie Webb, drum teacher, holding sign with drum sets in foreground.

Bradie lives in Brisbane with his wife, son and cat. He has a #1 aria charting album, appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and occasionally plays with his band – Short Stack. In 2022 Bradie played to over 10,000 people on a national sell-out tour.

Who are drum lessons suited for?

5-18 year-olds. Boys and girls of all abilities.

Do you have special needs experience?

Yes! Many sessions are catered towards children who enjoy weekly drum sessions in a relaxed musical environment.

Can we do a trial lesson?

You sure can! Contact today and book a free trial before committing to a whole term.

How do I book?

Head to and send a message.

Bradie Webb Drum Studio.


“Our son is into his 2nd term of Bradie’s lessons. His patient & professional approach is next level. We are so pleased to have found such a wonderful teacher-our son Archie has loads of fun with the challenges each week!” – Bec
“My 7 year old Angus has been drumming with Bradie for just over a year, and we can’t recommend him highly enough. There’s lots of variety in the lessons with a combination of fun and theory, and Angus loves attending each week. Angus has enjoyed learning a variety of songs to play, and it continues to amaze me how quickly he has taken to reading and writing music under Bradie’s guidance. To be honest it’s becoming harder to help Angus with music practice at home because he already knows so much more than me! Angus’ confidence has also been increasing thanks to these lessons, as he realises his own drumming ability and talent. Bradie is a fabulous teacher and a very positive influence in Angus life. We plan to drum with Bradie for years to come!” – Lucy
“Great teacher, awesome muso and all round nice guy. If you want to do drums I’ve not met anyone better than Bradie.” – Paul
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