Tests are super hard and the word “exam” can strike fear and anxiety into most children – and parents!

Doing well in tests like NAPLAN is also important because many schools use these exams to decide whether or not to offer your child a sought-after scholarship, entry into a special class or even entry into a school. There is a lot of worry and stress, because parents, on the one hand, are desperate to help their children, but on the other, have no idea where to even start with test preparation.

Why not start by trying out Exam Success’ teaching test bank for yourself? Get access to 40 free sample questions suitable for selective school and scholarship tests here.

Exam Success has experience in helping thousands of parents prepare their children for important exams since 2011. They create test preparation resources such as online courses and practice questions to help your child ace their exams.

Here is a video review from one of Exam Success’ parents – Sonny, whose child, Jaze, was successful in obtaining both a selective school offer and a scholarship offer.  They used Exam Success’s online courses:

Here’s one of their most popular videos – 7 Must-Know Tactics to Ace Scholarships and Selective School Tests – that have helped thousands of students and parents prepare for selective school and scholarship tests:

Tests and exams – A part of life

Test preparation is crucial when your child will likely sit an exam more than once in their lifetime.

Over 1 million students sit a NAPLAN test whether it is in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 and many schools are transitioning your child to do NAPLAN Online.

The top public schools in Queensland – arguably Brisbane State High School and Queensland Academies, offer selective entry. A way to gain entry into these schools is to do a competitive selective entrance exam.

Finally, if your child wishes to get a private school scholarship (the savings usually run to more than $24,000 over 6 years), it’s virtually certain that they will need to sit an ACER, Edutest or Academic Assessment Services scholarship test.

Test preparation is absolutely necessary

Exam Success, tuition

Parents are often concerned whether or not to do test preparation, and if so, how?

Test preparation is absolutely necessary. You wouldn’t run a marathon without preparation, so why let your child do an exam that decides their crucial next 1-6 future years without preparation?

There are reports that companies that write tests e.g. ACER, Edutest and Academic Assessment Services, discourage coaching, however, preparation works.

The Department of Education’s report on the NSW selective schools test (ACER write this test, the same writers of Brisbane State High School’s test), found in a review of 10 years’ worth of test papers that “high scores can be achieved by correctly answering moderately difficult questions with great consistency – which can result from preparation and practice.”

Furthermore, the same report stated:

“Students who discussed their coaching experiences expressed confidence in their test taking skills and could identify strategies to manage time and interpret questions. They also reported that they were rarely surprised by test questions. By contrast, students who hadn’t engaged in coaching or had other test preparation assistance reported that they were often surprised by questions and the test format, ran out of time, and struggled to understand questions.”

Test preparation often gets a bad rap because of negative media reports of children cramming and putting in endless hours of work to only become stressed out.

However, good test preparation doesn’t require endless hours of cramming or huge stress.

Good test preparation is supposed to reduce stress because your child feels more prepared.

Smart test preparation helps your child learn strategies to deal with time limits and to do problem solving better.

Good and smart test preparation is absolutely necessary. Not being prepared means starting an exam at a disadvantage.

Learn how you can do good test preparation with Exam Success below.

Learn directly from experts & do your best test preparation ever

Exam Success, tuition

Exam Success creates study materials designed for your child’s success.

They have helped children aged 9 through to 17 and can help your child prepare for exams like:

  • NAPLAN Online Grade 3, 5, 7 & 9
  • Brisbane State High School selective entry
  • Queensland Academies Selective Entry and other programs such as Brilliant Futures
  • Private school scholarships – grammar, Anglican, boarding and various other schools.

Exam Success can help your child can get prepared for their very important test through expert created teaching test banks, online courses and writing programs that help your child ace their test.

Teaching test banks

Exam Success’ test bank questions give your child real exam practice.

Their questions have been reported by parents to be similar to the difficulty level that children have experienced when they have sat an ACER, Academic Assessment Services or Edutest prepared test.

The teaching test bank is Exam Success’ newest service that helps your child:

  • Get practice on 600 sample test questions.
  • Understand how an expert would answers the question in under 60 seconds, and
  • Learn how to answer questions in 5 steps of less in a dedicated solutions video.

Here’s an example of one of Exam Success’ abstract reasoning questions available under the Teaching Test Bank designed for students that are about to sit a Brisbane State High School exam (sitting in Year 6):

Exam Success, tuition

Online courses

If you don’t know where to start preparing for a test, Exam Success’ selection of online courses provides comprehensive test preparation from start to finish at a fraction of the price you would pay compared to getting a private tutor or going to an in-person tutoring centre.

The courses, like all their test preparation resources, are prepared by experts. They are like an online interactive text book that provides your child with video explanation, test questions and solutions videos.

Exam success have deferred their holiday programs to Feb 2021.

Writing programs

Exam Success’ writing programs use an in-house developed scoring system that evaluates your child’s writing in 52-points and provides a 350+ word feedback report to help your child improve their writing. There are a number of practice writing packages that allow your child to:

  • Practice with various types of prompts (narrative and persuasive)
  • View writing pieces from students that were successful in gaining high scores, and
  • Get personalised feedback and insight into what’s holding back their writing from getting top scores.

Past student success & reviews

Exam Success is grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist and support thousands of students over the years, including Nathan, Brisbane resident and the winner of Child Genius 2018 on SBS over the years.

Past students Exam Success have helped have gained entrance or scholarships into:

  • Brisbane State High School (entrance when sitting exam in Year 5 & entrance when sitting the exam in Year 6).
  • Queensland Academies Selective Entry (Year 7).
  • Queensland Academies Brilliant Futures.
  • Queensland Academies
  • The Lakes College
  • Other private schools in Queensland.

Parents have said:

Thanks a lot for your training for my son prudhvi. The writing club helped him a lot. He got into Brisbane State High and also into Queensland Academies. I have recommended couple of my friends and they have enrolled their kids into writing clubs. I will continue to use your resources. Thanks a lot.” – Uma, a mother.

Here are a selection of Google reviews of Exam Success:

Exam Success, tuition

Get prepared, reduce stress & ace that test

Exam Success creates study materials designed for your child’s success, all located conveniently online.

And, you can rest assured that your child is learning with experts.

Exam Success has been quoted on publications like the Herald Sun, Domain Review and Hume Leader for test preparation. Their test preparation material is overseen by a team directed by a former University of Melbourne scholar who attended a selective school. The University of Melbourne is the No. 1 ranked university in Australia.

It’s the easiest way to do test preparation in the comfort of your own home – learning directly from experts!

If your child has a test, whether it be NAPLAN, a selective school test or scholarship test, please visit Exam Success to see how they can support your child to do their best test preparation ever.