Chess Mates teaches fun chess classes for kids in Brisbane through fun stories and activities. Can you believe they get them playing and loving chess from as young as three years old! Young children are like sponges; they soak up everything they encounter. At Chess Mates, for the younger children, they teach the game of chess through stories and song. For older students they focus more on strategies and thinking forward in the game. Their child-friendly program ensures that they can teach to children of all ages and backgrounds.

Currently Chess Mates teach through numerous schools and daycares throughout Brisbane and foster a love for learning through chess that helps children grow into well-rounded adults. Their games aren’t competitive and they’re all about learning, playing games, and making friends.

Chess Classes for School Kids

Chess Classes are currently available throughout Brisbane and on weekends in Bulimba, Sunnybank and Kenmore though all schools are welcome to register their interest. This is an ideal activity to incorporate into your school or after school care program. For schools, they teach chess classes with a focus on teamwork and co-operation. They provide individual reviews which are sent out to parents on a term basis with the aim of involving parents in their child’s journey and progress. If you are wanting to know more about how to make this happen just contact Chess Mates directly using the link at the bottom of this page.

Chess Classes for 3 to 5 Year Olds

Improving spatial awareness, promoting critical thinking and advancing problem solving skills are just some of the wonderful benefits achieved in learning to play chess. As children absorb information far more readily in their early years, teaching chess to toddlers can have the greatest lasting effect. It has also been documented that academic performance at school by children who have played chess from as young as 3 years of age can be improved by as much as 20% over non-chess playing children.

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An intelligent game

Essential developmental skills are heightened through the playing of chess from a young age. Importantly, chess has been shown to improve memory, creativity, concentration and reading skills. The development of planning skills, high-order thinking skills and independent decision making are advanced. Chess has also been shown to assist in academic performance in maths and science at school.

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Weekly educational programs with Chess Mates

Weekly classes with Chess Mates focus on teaching chess tactics and piece movement and are always a fun experience for the kids. Following a class, parents will receive an email reviewing the content and documenting their child’s progression. Parents are even invited to attend weekly sessions to see just how enjoyable classes with Chess Mates can be. Weekly educational sessions are held throughout south-east Queensland every week. All teachers hold a current blue card and child care classes run for 30 minutes. Just visit the Chess Mates to find one close to you and to register for a FREE trial class.

You can find out more about Chess Mates’ wonderful classes in this video –

Parent Testimonials

This is what Emma had to say about Chess Mates chess classes for her daughter Sofia –

“Hi Ash – I just wanted to let you know that I’m consistently receiving positive feedback from Sofia (and often joyous excitement) about what’s she’s learnt in her Monday chess class. My husband and I are very impressed with how much Sofia has learnt, retained and applied to playing chess at home – what pieces are called and how they can move on the board – as a result of her lessons with you.”