Hampton Swim School was established by Julia Ham, a former Australian swimming representative, in 1999. As a local mum of three, she is more motivated than ever to give children in our community a lifelong love of water in the safest of hands.

Teaching essential life skills

Hampton Swim School believes that aquatic education can assist in the prevention of drowning. Their certified instructors are passionate about not only providing essential water safety and life-
skills but ensuring positive experiences for your child. Their tailored programs are aimed at developing the ‘whole’ child and deliver consistent results at all levels.

Hampton Swim School prides itself on a gentle, nurturing approach to learning. Fun is FUNdamental! One thing that is paramount to this Swim School – at the core of their philosophies – is to nurture their swimmers so that their achievements – no matter how small – can be celebrated! Hampton Swim School aims to understand a baby, toddler or child’s needs from a psychological and physiological perspective.

Why choose Hampton Swim School?

  • Low student to teacher ratio. 
  • Highly trained instructors – With a dedicated learning and development manager, Hampton Swim School prides itself on having the highest trained teachers in the industry, with weekly learning and development sessions for teachers.
  • Nationally recognised experts in swim program and whole child development.
  • Unique benchmarking progress systems through their Babysteps and SwimSteps learn to swim program.
  • Book your classes directly online.
  • An easy-to-use App to follow your child’s progress, check times, report absences, receive instant updates and more.
  • Flexible class times to suit your schedule.
  • Make up lessons available.

Programs offered at Hampton Swim School

Hampton Swim School is renowned for its child-centred philosophies, having a major focus on a child’s age and stage of development and linking these with their specific age-appropriate aquatic activities –


Hampton Swim School group of parents with young children sitting on side of pool.

BabyBegins, a FREE program for babies from birth to 6 months. Hampton Swim School’s BabyBegins classes are the first step to a lifetime of enjoying the wonderful world of water. They offer new parents and their babies an intimate bonding experience through gentle, teacher-led activities that aim to build your babies comfort and confidence. Parents will be educated on how the water can attribute to their child’s physical, social, emotional wellbeing.

BabyBegins is about a positive, calm and gentle (re)introduction to the water. The Hampton team knows from experience how calming the water can be to a young infant, as every class is filled with relaxed babies! It also offers a nice social opportunity to meet like-minded new parents and to feel more confident and less overwhelmed with your newborn in the water.

Lessons are held in Hampton’s toasty pools that are heated to 33 degrees, with heated change facilities for your comfort.


Hampton Swim School instructor lifting baby out of water in the pool.

BabySteps provides babies and toddlers with a gentle, positive introduction to the water, incorporating water familiarisation and awareness to give them the confidence, plus the skills to be safer in and around the water. This is all done in a manner that babies learn best by – BabySteps! During this 24-week program, parents will gradually see their child progress and improve. Babies will acquire the skills needed to start their learn to swim adventure, as they gain confidence to manoeuvre through water independently for several metres in the correct body position. By the end, your child will have completed a gentle and happy transition to participating in a lesson without their parent or carer in the water, ready to learn directly with Hampton swim School’s teaching team members.

Parents can follow their child’s progress through an easy-to-use online portal and app.


Hampton Swim School instructor with toddler and kickboard in pool.

The SwimSteps Learn to Swim Program has been developed to incorporate a series of graded class levels that enable children to build and practice key skills and techniques. Hampton Swim
School’s progressive approach ensures children learn with others at a similar level and progress through their unique benchmarks that are celebrated along the way. Hampton Swim School incorporates a swim-float-swim sequence into their SwimSteps lessons, to ensure each swimmer through their program is provided with a solid foundation to their aquatic education to make them safer in and around the water. As part of their SwimSteps program, swimmers are taught to be comfortable in both the front and back positions, to ensure they are given the best possible tools if ever confronted with a dangerous aquatic situation. Hampton Swim School’s Service Coordinators are continually assessing swimmers to ensure they are in the appropriate level, and are always on hand to answer your SwimSteps questions.


Is your child unhappy in the water? Hampton Swim School’s HappySwim Course is a 6 week program where kids learn to love the water – it also offers a money-back guarantee!

The course consists of parent in water classes. Classes dive into learning with some short videos, homework activities for 1-2 minutes a day, and access to a closed Facebook Group where you will receive course materials and ongoing support. This course sets you on your way to HappySwimming!

Team Accelerate

Child swimming butterfly stroke in swimming pool

The Hampton Swim School Team Accelerate squad program is the FUN place to swim squad, with a focus on fun, fitness, and recreational squad swimming in their 25 metre pool, and individualised training based on personal goals.

Red Squad is for Swimmers graduating from Hampton’s SwimSteps program. Participants will now continue their progress in the water in the Red Squad. This new format is designed to bridge the gap between a smaller class in the water and the larger numbers in multiple lanes in Team Accelerate.

White Squad introduces rudimentary squad swim session for swimmers transitioning from Learn to Swim.  Because squad is FUN, each session utilises team-based games, activities and drills for achievement of skills and stroke development.

Silver Squad is for the accomplished squad swimmer and is based on stroke development extension, with a focus on challenging fitness in flexibility, strength, endurance and speed to achieve personal and team goals.

Lastly, Black Squad is for the committed squad swimmer. Stroke refinement is still the number one priority, alongside the continued development of a swimmer’s physical capabilities. In Black
Level, swimming may be the sport of choice, with personal goal setting based upon training and competition.

Private lessons

Tailored to meet individual needs, such as to overcome anxiety, jump-start their swim skills, or refine their stroke, private lessons can be tailored to each swimmer’s needs. Hampton Swim School recommends the private program for a younger child who has had a traumatising experience in the water, for an older child who requires an intensive boost in skills, or for a competitive swimmer fine-tuning their form. Private lessons are also suitable for swimmers of any age who may have trouble focusing in a group environment, or have certain learning or physical challenges.

Adult Learn 2 Swim

Adult swimming class

Adult Learn 2 Swim sessions are affordable group classes teaching all levels of ability to swim and be confident in the water.

Treasures ASD Program

The Treasures ASD Program is a specialised therapy-based aquatic program for children with Autism. Unique to Hampton Swim School, Treasures’ swim lessons are facilitated by a fully qualified and registered Occupational Therapist, who has also undergone formal training in swim instruction. Classes are HCWA, Better Start and NDIS approved and registered.

Experience the Hampton Swim School difference today – Brisbane’s Premier infant, toddler, learn to swim and squad aquatic programs! Head to the Hampton Swim School website to find out more.