Embrace the spotlight and dive into the vibrant world of theatre with BeXD Create’s holiday workshops for young performers! Join a tight-knit community, where kids can cultivate skills, craft captivating performances, build confidence, and foster lifelong friendships.

Share your or your child’s unique artistic journey with BeXD Create, with holiday workshops in Acting, Singing and Musical Theatre that range from one day workshops up to one week programs.

The 1-Week Musical Workshop

BeXD Create group of children performing on stage.

Each school holiday period, BeXD teachers work with the children aged 6 years and above over a week to take a show from first read to full-scale production! The students will spend the week learning songs, rehearsing dance choreography, memorising their scripts, working with a vocal coach and exploring their characters to create an unforgettable performance for their family and friends. Students will help create sets, costumes and props, learning about all the essential elements that come together to make a show.

This is sometimes the kids’ first introduction to theatre, so BeXD take care to ensure their venues host many breakout spaces for their team of passionate and experienced teachers to provide optimal learning environments for the different age groups and skill levels in the cast. Over the week, BeXD helps students build confidence in themselves and their performance, meet like-minded students to forge new friendships and have a heap of fun!

The performance is usually held on the 6th day of the workshop, when BeXD invites friends and family of the cast to come and support their stars as they take to the stage (sometimes for the first time!). Complete with costumes, props, lighting and sound equipment, children will be exposed to the real-life world of theatre and have a chance to showcase their talents and everything they have learned through the week in front of their support system. It is a fabulous opportunity to extend the children’s comfort zones and watch their curiosity and excitement grow as they are introduced to the magical world of theatre.

Acting for Stage and Screen 4-Day Workshop

BeXD Create group of children at drama performance.

Embark on an unforgettable four-day adventure with BeXD Create, where participants aged 8 years and above, of all experience levels, are invited to delve into the captivating worlds of live theatre and film acting. Led by experienced instructors, this immersive program offers a unique introduction to the fundamentals of stagecraft, voice technique, and the art of rehearsing lines.

Throughout the workshop, students will participate in:

  • Rehearsing a short play
  • Shooting a simple short film with opportunities to work both in front and behind the camera
  • Learning character development and stage presence
  • One-on-one coaching in acting technique
  • Creating costumes, props, and set pieces
  • Daily activities fostering creativity, friendship, and teamwork
  • Special sessions in film acting, auditions, and self-tests
  • Recording a self-tape for a mock film audition
  • Q&A session with instructors exploring the world of acting

Shorter Workshops

BeXD Create group of children at drama workshop.

BeXD Create runs some shorter holiday programs, including a 1-day musical workshop and songwriting and studio sessions.

The BeXD Create Teachers

BeXD Create young children on stage drama performance.

BeXD Create’s teachers are passionate about fostering an inclusive space in their classes and helping each student develop tools for long-life learning, creativity and self-expression. Their collective experience in the arts industry has taught them that awareness and positive mental health practices are so important for actors, musicians and performers at every age. All of their teachers are experienced and qualified to work with your kids and have impressive backgrounds in education and the arts industry in film, stage acting, musical theatre and singing. You can find more information about individual teachers and their backgrounds via the BeXD Create website.

The founders of BeXD Create believe art is about joy, honesty and self-expression and had found that often these things get lost in the quest for perfection, particular as artists start to train in singing, acting and dance. In their classes they strive to uncover authentic expression and give their students the tools to share their creativity, rather then trying to shape them into a cookie-cutter artist.

Learning singing, drama and dance builds confidence and helps people of any age to express themselves in a collaborative, fun and safe environment. In a world that is overwhelmed with mental health challenges, constant stimulation and social media, it is one of the greatest joys to help someone find their voice and build, or sometimes re-build, their self-confidence, and the strength to share things they care about.


BeXD Create young girl performing on stage.

My daughter participated in a recent one week intensive production of High School Musical Junior during the holiday break. She loved the whole experience – receiving guidance from professionals in the musical theatre industry, learning from teachers who were fun, kind and enthusiastic, and making a bunch of new friends who share her passion. She has a chronic medical condition, yet BEXD accommodated her medical needs and my mind was put at ease, knowing she was well cared for.” – Sarah, parent

I enjoyed it, it was my first stage play outside of my school one, its led me to go onto being apart of others as well, I really enjoyed meeting new people and working with the people who had ran it. So I have to say thanks for letting me be apart of High School Musical Jr.” – Harry, student

My child has started with BeXD weekly drama classes in term 2 and has absolutely loved them! It has been a great and safe space for him to express his inner actor. The teachers are fantastic. He also joined in for the school holiday musical workshop and performed in his first on stage production – High School Musical. Not only did he enjoy the week of workshop but LOVED performing for all the families and friends at the end of the week. It was also a great show for the parents to enjoy. Highly recommend BeXD Create!!!” – Renee, parent

Frequently Asked Questions

BeXD Create group of children performing on stage jellyfish.

What is the age limit? All of BeXD Create’s holiday workshops are suitable for young artists aged up to 20 years. BeXD Create do have minimum age recommendations.

For their week-long Musical program, BeXD Create recommends ages 6+. It is an incredibly fun week, but also quite intense and a lot to learn in just 6 days. Very young students can find the long days overwhelming, especially if this is their first experience of theatre.

For their Acting workshops BeXD recommends ages 8+ years, as the content covered is a bit more advanced and the workshop can be a more mature and require more focus as students work with film as well as stage. If you have a child under 8 years of age who has had some experience acting and would like to do the workshop, BeXD Create encourages parents to enquire to discuss further.

For their one-day programs, age recommendations are specified on the program description on BeXD Create’s website.

To find out more about workshops in the upcoming holidays, please visit the BeXD Create website.