Hologram Zoo is a family-centred entertainment center that functions similarly to a standard zoo, however all the animals are completely made from holographic projections utilising laser light. It’s a great place to visit on the weekend, school holidays, and you can even have a wonderful birthday party there.

This technology was voted Best Invention of 2023 by Time Magazine.


There are different country-based shows, like Africa, North Pole, Asia, and Australia. The zoo even allows guests to travel back in time and visit the dinosaurs. It’s a cheap day out in Brisbane for children, parents, and even the elderly to enjoy! Pricing starts from $19.50 per person.

Different shows are on at different times of the year, just like an exhibition at the museum. Each show goes for roughly 30 minutes and, at the end, you’ll get a small cardboard holographic-style gift to take home with you. The zoo is even perfect for school excursions or after-school care activities!

Attractions at the zoo

Hologram Zoo 2023 Asia 1.

When you visit the Hologram Zoo, you will walk through 5 tunnel environments, and you’ll see 5 giant sky roof rooms and 10 different animals in enclosures. Here’s some more information on what that means.

You will traverse through the 20-metre-long holographic tunnels, where exotic locations appear all around you. The animals come off the walls and float in the air around you, allowing you to get closer than ever before. Utilising its new technology, the Hologram Zoo has been able to function as both a zoo and an aquarium. These tunnels project real depth, so it looks like you are in another location entirely.

The zoo also utilises its fenced animal enclosures, where the animals act alive and project upwards from below the ground, allowing for an up close educational experience.

Another attraction is the new holographic sky roof. In this area, you have shrunk down so that the animals are much larger than real life. They walk over the glass above you as you pass underneath.

Zoo animal experiences

Hologram Zoo dragon photobooth image.

The zoo works a bit like a museum, with different exotic locations available at different times of the year.

Currently the zoo is offering a North Pole Christmas experience from the 9th of December until the 31st of December 2023. This magical experience follows the story of all the animals found in the Arctic Circle, then is followed by a trip to the most famous North Pole resident… Santa Claus himself! You will be able to walk through the North Pole, visit the busy elves hard at work in Santa’s workshop and even ride in his sleigh over the Christmas village!

Hologram Zoo animal interaction photobooth image.

From January 1st to February 29th 2024, the Hologram Zoo is showing the never before seen Asia experience, where you visit Japan, China, and Nepal! Wander through the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival and visit the snow monkey hot spring, swim with the koi fish under Hong Kong Harbor, and even face off against the scheming tiger!

Hologram Zoo 2023 meganeura.

The Dinosaur Experience will also be available year round as an upgrade on top of the regular experience on offer for an extra $17.50 per person. You will feed a life sized Apatosaurus, face the monsters at the bottom of the prehistoric oceans, fly with Pteradons over a waterfall, and even try to escape the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!

There are many experiences planned to release throughout the year, so ensure you keep an eye out to see what new locations have arrived on the Hologram Zoo website.

Hologram Zoo FAQs

Hologram Zoo 2023 Triceratops.

Are bookings required? Bookings are NOT required and walk-ins are welcome to book upon arrival, however, they do strongly recommend that you book online to avoid disappointment as the time slots fill up very quickly during the school holidays, like all popular family attractions.

Is Hologram Zoo wheelchair accessible? YES, Hologram Zoo is designed to be used easily by people in wheelchairs. There are no stairs in the whole center.

Can I have a birthday party here? Yes, they have multiple birthday party packages to suit your needs and can provide you with a dedicated party area and help your guests along every step of the way to ensure everyone has a great time! Just visit the Birthday package section on the Hologram zoo website to book.

Is this Virtual Reality? No, absolutely not. Virtual Reality is where you put on big helmets with screens that shine directly into your eyes. This is a different technology altogether. Hologram technology uses lasers to project the animals in the air all around you, as well as tracking where you are located so the animals can interact with you as you go through your adventure.

Is there any violence? The Hologram Zoo does not have any animals attacking or eating each other, there is no blood or animals in distress. Many of the scenes have been purposefully designed to be peaceful and awe-inspiring. However, some children may be scared in some scenes such as roaring dinosaurs. Even going to the dark bottom of the ocean may be quite scary for some, as people have never seen or experienced such an environment before.

Is this related to Holoverse? Yes, the people who made Holoverse also made the hologram zoo. They moved from making single hologram rooms to giant hologram tunnels and other giant hologram attractions.

Is this a water attraction? Should we bring our swimsuits? No. Holographic water is projected with laser light, it looks real, but you don’t get wet!

To find out more, and to book, please visit the Hologram Zoo website, email info@hologramzoo.com.au, or phone (07) 5661 3010.