Calling all Junior Chefs in Brisbane! Join the culinary adventure at In My Own Kitchen’s cooking lessons and unleash your inner chef!

About In My Own Kitchen

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Chef Luisa, with over 22 years of experience, is here to make food fun for everyone. Kids will learn delicious recipes, fascinating food facts, and have a blast along the way.

Kids Cooking Classes

Let your kids cook up a storm at In My Own Kitchen’s group holiday cooking classes. From just $55/child, they’ll learn in a fun, interactive setting and take home their delicious creations. Check out upcoming classes on their website!

Private Cooking Classes

Want to cook in the comfort of your own kitchen? Try In My Own Kitchen’s private classes, starting from $55/hr, and explore endless culinary possibilities. Find out more about these classes on their website.

Parent & Child Classes

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Strengthen the bond with your child while cooking together in In My Own Kitchen’s fun and relaxed parent/child classes. Contact In My Own Kitchen for prices and class ideas.

NDIS Classes

In My Own Kitchen is excited to offer specialised NDIS classes tailored to children with NDIS plans. These classes are the perfect blend of fun and skill-building, available after school or during school holidays.

What Can Your Child Gain From These Classes?

In My Own Kitchen’s expert chef, Luisa, will guide your child in mastering essential kitchen skills. From safe food handling to cooking techniques, they’ll gain
valuable knowledge for life.

Social skills

Cooking is a wonderful way to encourage teamwork and social interaction. Your child will have the opportunity to work with others, fostering cooperation, communication, and building lasting friendships.


As your child explores different recipes and skills, they’ll develop a sense of independence and responsibility, both essential life skills.


From crafting unique dishes to experimenting with flavours, your child’s creativity will flourish with each new dish they create.


Accomplishing fun and easy recipes whilst sharing their creations with pride will boost your child’s self-confidence. They’ll gain a sense of achievement in the kitchen.

Where is In My Own Kitchen located?

Group classes run at Newmarket. Private and in-home group lessons are available in Brisbane. Visit the In My Own Kitchen website for booking services
outside this area and travel costs.

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Ready to embark on a food-filled journey? Book now at and let the kitchen wonders unfold.