In a safe, nurturing, child-friendly environment, Brisbane kids dentist Dr Soha Sharif and her experienced team provide dental services to infants, teenagers, autistic children and kids with special needs.

Dr Soha focuses exclusively on dental care for children during their developmental years. She strives to create a fun and relaxed visit for the children and their parents. Her office is designed with a large waiting area, a mesmerising saltwater marine tank and TV shows in the treatment rooms. Children love her and parents trust her.

A referral is unnecessary for children who require urgent dental care, however many children come to Dr Soha because of a general dentist or a paediatrician referral.

Why Paediatric Dentistry?

Parents play a significant role in the positive oral development of children. Parents’ common questions regarding children’s dentistry include:

  • Should I take my children to a child-specific dentist?
  • Why should I bring my child to a kids dentist?

Dental anxiety is common in young children. One aspect of paediatric dentistry is to ease any anxiety associated
with dental visits and establish healthy habits towards oral care that last a lifetime. An experienced paediatric dentist
can transform a child’s anxiousness into a rewarding interest in oral health. Children who regularly attend a kids’ dentist tend to have no fear of the dentist, which lays the groundwork for a lifetime of oral health.

Paediatric dentists discuss diet and hygiene habits to help prevent dental disease in children. Children benefit from a
dental home, preferably with a dentist experienced in children and teens.

A Child’s First Dental Visit

A child’s first dental appointment should generally be scheduled shortly after getting older than six months old or when the first baby tooth appears. The first appointment can be intimidating for both children and their parents. Find an experienced dentist who can turn this anxiety-inducing appointment into a fun experience. Paediatric dentists explain treatments in an age-appropriate way and provide solutions and treatments suitable for children.

When the first dental appointment is with a paediatric dentist, even for a simple visual check-up, the younger the child is, the more likely they will have a positive experience and become unafraid of future dental care. A positive experience creates a positive attitude towards oral health.

The first visit typically includes a close visual exam. A child’s first dental visit is important and can determine their good oral health and, more importantly, their future attitude towards dentists and dentistry. Parents can accompany the child to the treatment room to ease first visit jitters and make children feel relaxed and safe.

Happy Gas for Kids Dental Work

Most children find happy gas pleasant. Happy gas is a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide and provides a mild form of sedation in anxious children. Happy gas can calm the nerves and the child will still be awake and will be able to
communicate. It allows the dentist to provide treatment while the child is comfortable and relaxed in the dental chair.

Happy gas is the safest sedation technique paediatric dentists use. Still, it is not suitable for extremely anxious children or babies who do not accept the placement of the breathing mask on their noses. A general anaesthetic may be the best option for very young babies or severely anxious children.

Putting Children to Sleep for Dental Work

General anaesthesia may be the best option when a child is unlikely to follow instructions or cope well enough in a
dental chair, even with the help of happy gas. A specialist anaesthetist will stay with the child to monitor them during
sleep. Australian anaesthetists are among the world’s most highly trained doctors.

Brisbane Kids Dentist with a Payment Plan

Payment plans like humm and AfterPay or the Early Release of Superannuation program operated by the Australian
Taxation Office can be used to finance dental treatments. With SuperCare, for instance, parents can access their
Superannuation to fund the necessary treatments.

To find out more and book your child’s appointment, please visit the Kids Dentist website.