Brisbane’s one-stop destination for Laser Tag, Bumper Cars and Arcade is at Laserzone Lawnton. Laserzone is ideal for Birthday Parties, Sporting Clubs, School Groups, Work & Community Groups, family fun and more. Open 6 days (Tuesday to Sunday). Laserzone provides the perfect all-weather venue for active children needing to burn off some energy. Best of all, it’s fun and kids of all ages LOVE it!

How to play Laser Tag

In Laser Tag, players are kitted out with computerised vests and handheld ‘phasers’ and briefed at the beginning of each mission. The game is a high tech adventure in which players zap opponents, targets and base stations within the darkened playing arena. The multi-level arena is decked out with black lights, fluorescent paints, lasers and mist to create a futuristic atmosphere. No contact is required for the sport, with competitor’s packs deactivating for a short time when they have been ‘tagged’. At the end of the game, scores are displayed on a scoreboard for players
to track their play. Each game is approximately 10 minutes in duration.

Niche sport for games lovers

Laserzone adult playing laser tag.

Laser tag is a genuine sport that is perfect to get kids out from in front of their TV-based computer games and into an active game scenario with real people. Suited to all ages, but recommended to those over 5 years of age due to the weight of the pack, Laser tag is a safe non-contact sport that will get players physically active. Laser tag also provides great mental stimulation and can be enjoyed all year-round in Laserzone’s indoor arena. Just one exhilarating game of laser tag will help to build better teamwork, communication skills, improve coordination and enhance overall fitness.

Laser Tag team play

Laserzone smiling teens playing lasertag.

Played as either an individual or a team, Laser Tag has up to 8 coloured teams, 8 base stations for bonus points and 60 targets for earning special abilities in the game. It’s fun to gather a group of friends or family members, or you can go alone and they’ll team you up with other players. 1 and 2 Hour Passes are available anytime during opening hours as well as off-peak prices that apply, with discounts for early morning late afternoon sessions.

Bumper Cars, Arcades, Cafe & More

LaserZone Lawnton 7

Laserzone feels a bit like an indoor theme park. On top of the awesome Laser Tag experience, Laserzone has Bumper Cars and a wide variety of Video Arcade, Prize Redemption and Skill Tester games. The whole experience is complete with a fully licensed Café & Bar that can cater for any sized groups. The pizzas are great and the coffee is delicious, which further cements this as a great value entertainment option for families at any time of the year.

Bookings at Laserzone are highly recommended. To enquire about session times at Laserzone Lawnton, please call (07) 3205 4141, email or visit their website.