Students Save Lives Incursion – teaching children a life-saving skill!

Have you ever wondered how your child would react in an emergency? Would they know what to do? Does your child spend time with grandparents and/or other friends and family that may need medical assistance? Learning what to do in an emergency is a vital skill that Mr Paramedic teaches children!

children at kindergarten during first aid incursion

What does Mr Paramedic do?

A local Queensland company that’s passionate about education and saving lives, Mr Paramedic believes that adults and children can learn valuable life-saving skills. They deliver childcare, kindergarten and school incursions to children ranging in age from 2 to 10 years.

Accompanied by their mascot “Pablo the Paramedic”, one of Mr Paramedic’s educators delivers a 1-hour workshop, teaching children what to do if they were involved in a medical emergency. The workshops are hands-on and fun and were created by a team of paramedics and state-school teachers to ensure it’s tailored appropriately for children.

What will the children learn to do?

Children are taught what a medical emergency might look like and how they should respond. The workshop teaches them how to call for an ambulance, how to recognise a breathing and non-breathing person and how to perform CPR (depending upon the age of the children). In the session, children will also have the opportunity to create their own emergency fridge magnet that they then can take home and refer to in an emergency. Students also take home their certificate of attendance and a DRSABCD bookmark.

children in first aid course learning about chest compressions


“Recently we had an incursion with Mr Paramedic. It was amazing. The children were engaged throughout the whole experience and were excited to receive their certificates. This incursion taught the children some life saving skills and the confidence to use them if they found themselves in an emergency. Would we recommend Caleb and the team at Mr Paramedic? Absolutely we would for the experience and the affordability for families.” – Jacque, coordinator at Inala PCYC

Frequently asked questions

What is the duration of the incursion?

Usually, incursion sessions run for 45 minutes to an hour, however the duration of each session depends on the age of the children and the number of children in the class.

Is there a minimum number of students required?

Mr Paramedic’s minimum number of students is 22 per session.

Where are courses conducted?

Mr Paramedic can deliver their courses Australia-wide – they’ll come to you!

kindergarten children with resuscitation dummy

Who is Mr Paramedic?

Mr Paramedic is a First Aid Training and Event First Aid company. Founded in Townsville in 2012 by paramedics, they aim to deliver practical and engaging First Aid training with the most up-to-date information. Their Students Save Lives incursions were created in consultation with school educators to teach children what to do in an emergency – just the basics – to give children the confidence to act if/when required.

What other courses does Mr Paramedic offer?

Mr Paramedic provides superior First Aid, Sport, Water Courses; and Event First Aid across Australia:

  • Nationally recognised courses
  • Up to the latest industry standards
  • Relevant to your industry
  • Fun and interactive
  • Event First Aid specialists

Mr Paramedic courses are created by their experienced paramedics who are passionate about teaching first aid to the community. Their classes are fun and interactive, with a focus on practical instruction. They tailor the course to your work environment, so the course is relevant to you.

To find out more, please visit the Mr Paramedic website.