Physi kids is Brisbane’s most popular choice in children’s sports and fitness!

Running sports programs in child care centres since 1997 for children aged 2.5 years and up, Physi kids’ aim is to introduce your child to every aspect of physical development in a fun and encouraging environment. Your child will engage in these sports and disciplines within a semester: soccer, tennis, AFL, rugby league, hockey, cricket, basketball, netball, volleyball, t-ball, gymnastics, athletics, ultimate frisbee, bootcamp, yoga and music & movement.

Priced at just $12.50 per class ($9 each for siblings) at your participating child care centre or kindergarten, Physi kids also comply with the Primary PE Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework – Kindergarten Curriculum.

Find current locations here, or contact your childcare centre today to encourage them to sign up to the Physi kids program!

For Licencees & Directors

Physi kids kids with arms up.

Physi kids will introduce the children in your care to 15 different sports, and, of course, they supply all of their own safe and colourful sporting equipment.

Physi kids programs are designed to be fun, energetic, comprehensive and age appropriate. All payments are processed on-line, so that there is no interference to your routine.

Discounted prices for childcare centres

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It is becoming increasingly popular for child care centres to incorporate the cost of extracurricular activities into their structured centre fees. If this sounds like something you would like to do to gain that winning edge, then Physi kids can offer dramatically discounted rates to help support your vision. And what better way to invest your funding?!

Physi kids classes aim to increase your students sense of physical well-being, help meet standards set out by ‘Get up and Grow Australia’ Guidelines, and the Early Years Learning Framework.

Physi kids can visit your children regularly for just $77 per 30 minutes, or $140 per hour (inc GST). Each class can cater for a maximum of 14 children. So, for your whole kindy class (based on up to 28 children) to participate, with no one missing out, it would only cost only $140 per week! This is up to 50% off the regular price! And if you want to reach more of the children in your care, no problem, Physi kids can beat these prices over again.

Check out the Physi kids website to find out more about their integrated extracurricular program for childcare centres today.