Riverlife’s Adventure Ranger Camp is a popular school holiday program in Brisbane that is designed for children to experience adventures, create friendships, and grow new skills. Your kids will spend the day experiencing a variety of activities, like kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, bike riding, playing laser tag and much more.

Adventure Ranger Camp inclusions

The Adventure Ranger Camp runs Monday to Thursdays from 9am to 3pm during school holidays, with the option to add additional after care hours until 5pm. Choose between 1-day or multi-day passes and surprise your kids with an unforgettable and exciting time! Children can choose which activities they would like to participate in and are provided with alternatives.

The holiday day-camp includes:

  • A full day of outdoor adventure experiences
  • 6-hour supervision by highly qualified, blue card holding adventure instructors
  • Lunch and snacks (your children need to bring a water bottle and money for ice-cream)
  • All adventure and safety equipment
  • Showers and change rooms
  • Complimentary sunscreen available all-day

Riverlife Adventure Ranger Camp kids kayaking on brisbane river.

The most popular activities at Adventure Ranger Camp


Kayaking is Riverlife’s most popular activity and a great way for your children to see exciting landmarks of Brisbane and learn about the city’s history, the river and water safety. Your children will receive a safety briefing and full instruction by dedicated and experienced instructors who will ensure your kids feel safe and have a great time on the river. Kayaking is a fantastic experience where your children will motivate each other and look out for each other to leave no one behind. They will learn how to navigate their kayaks and that their speed relies on their efforts, technique and coordination.

Riverlife Adventure Ranger Camp kids in safety gear abseiling at Kangaroo Point Cliffs.


The 20-metre-high Kangaroo Point Cliffs are a perfect natural playground for abseilers and rock climbers. For children, abseiling is a fantastic adventure activity that is not only heaps of fun, but also promotes self-confidence and great teamwork skills, as kids share their emotions of nervousness and encourage and motivate each other to step over the edge of the cliff. What at first might sound scary is an extremely safe activity. Your children will be guided by highly qualified and well-trained instructors who will provide all safety equipment and ensure your children’s safety at all times.

Riverlife Adventure Ranger Camp kids in safety gear rock climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a challenging and rewarding adventure activity that promotes coordination, cooperation, strength and determination, but also helps children to conquer fear and build resilience. Riverlife’s well-trained instructors will ensure your children are safe at all times and will supervise and support them during their rock-climbing experience on every step of the way up to the top of the cliffs, where they will be rewarded with the most stunning views of the city skyline and the Brisbane River and will feel a great sense of achievement.

Riverlife Adventure Ranger Camp kids playing laser tag.

Laser Tag

Laser tag, no doubt, ranks high on the list for ‘most favourite Adventure Ranger Camp Activity’. As well as being an all-round fun activity for children, laser tag is a fantastic experience that promotes inclusiveness, teamwork, communication and strategy in a safe outdoor environment.

Riverlife Adventure Ranger Camp kids on bikes.

Roller Blades, URB-E or Bike Tours

On Riverlife’s roller blades, URB-E- or bike tours, your kids will have a great time, feeling the world spinning around them while they will explore Brisbane’s best spots, including South Bank, the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the Botanical Gardens and more. Of course, as with any other Adventure Ranger Camp activity, your kids will be supervised by well-trained and experienced staff who ensure your children are always safe during their adventure.

Centre-Based Activities

Riverlife offers exciting games for kids to try, including Cornhole, Connect 4, Blow-up Archery and Giant Jenga. Whether your children play solo or in teams, these activities are great for them to get to know each other better and learn problem solving and teamwork skills. Riverlife’s centre-based activities can be played indoors and outdoors and ensure your kids will have a great time, whatever the weather.

To find out more about Riverlife’s Adventure Ranger Camp in the next school holiday period, head to Riverlife website