Children at school are constantly required to speak up – from weekly “show and tell” to oral presentations and school talent competitions – children are often expected to have the confidence and skills to be able to participate in such activities without fear.

There’s not much room in the school timetable these days to allow children to develop these important skills at their own pace, and often it’s the kids who are shy in group situations who get left behind. As a parent, it can be really hard to help because so often, children put in front of a group at school, behave very differently to how they are at home.

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Cathy Clur, owner and director of Speak Up Studio at Red Hill, says children who struggle to speak up in class need to be given the opportunity to practise communicating in a low pressure, fun environment before they can be expected to stand up in front of their class with confidence.

The most common thing I hear from parents who are looking to join one of our classes is something like – my child loves to sing and dance around the house, but as soon as they’re in front of a group of people, they are completely different – they’re quiet and shy and frightened.

Cathy believes that it’s good for kids to be able to “perform” without the pressure of a “performance”, which is where Speak Up’s speech and drama programs come in!

Drama classes provide a place for kids to be silly and express themselves without feeling that they have done anything wrong,” Cathy says.

The best way to learn anything is through experience. So when a child first arrives in a drama class and shyly tells the group their name, they are actually taking part in a tiny performance. And guess what? The sky didn’t fall in, nobody laughed, nothing bad happened. After several weeks of saying their name to the group, and eventually taking part in drama games, the child has experienced a number of “performances” which collectively help them to understand that it’s ok to Speak Up. The results are pretty spectacular.

While the kids are busy letting their hair down, Speak Up’s experienced and talented teachers are helping your children to overcome shyness, build up confidence, discover their creativity, practise communication skills, and foster a love of reading and literature.

About Speak Up Studio Classes

Speak Up Studio holds weekly classes in speech and drama all over Brisbane. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that your child receives individual attention with engaging and age-appropriate content.

Teachers use funny poems and stories, content from popular culture, and drama games so that children are always having fun as they learn.

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Speak Up also holds fun and creative workshops each school holidays.

Visit the Speak Up Studio website for more details.