Teacup Coach takes a holistic, proactive and village approach to empowering families to embrace wellbeing. Their focus lies in nurturing the wellbeing of children aged 5-17yrs through their Standing Strong Club programs, including the specially designed Get Ready! Programs, one-day holiday workshops, and private youth coaching. For parents, Teacup Coach offers personal empowerment coaching to help you be your best self.

Who is Teacup Coach?

Teacup Coach kids with creations.

Teacup Coach is founded by Jayme, who is an experienced International Coaching Federation trained Master Life Coach and Master Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner. Jayme is a mum, wife, sister, aunt, friend, farmer, and a small business owner. Following a corporate career based on supporting people in business, Jayme created Teacup Coach after hearing too many stories of kids, of all ages, who struggle with their mental health. She has lived experiences in supporting and empowering children and their parents that make her ideal to coach and uplift you and your family. Her passion lies with building a village approach through becoming a Standing Strong Club for kids and providing personal leadership coaching for parents. She is also a youth coach with mental health first aid, as well as a Performance and Leadership Consultant and Coach.

Standing Strong Club

Teacup Coach child in front of Standing Strong banner.

Strength From Within – School Holiday Workshops

Boost your child’s wellbeing with captivating one-day Strength From Within school holiday workshops with Teacup Coach.

Strength From Within are one day workshops held in the Indooroopilly area and are designed to nurture growth and self-discovery in kids aged 7 to 12 years. Workshops help your child unlock the strength within them through interactive activities, fun games, and engaging discussions around the three pillars of Standing Strong – STRONG Body (movement), STRONG Mind (mindset) and STRONG Heart (mindfulness).

There are over 40 topics that make up the Standing Strong Club and hundreds of activities that change over each holiday period. That means your child will have a different experience every time they go to a Teacup Coach holiday workshop.

Strength From Within workshops are a beautiful experience that provide a supportive and inspiring environment where children can flourish, be curious, and build their confidence, resilience, and self-esteem.

June/July Holiday Workshop Details

The wellbeing topics for the Strength From Within school holiday workshops with Teacup Coach are:

  • Dealing with Worry
  • What is Self-Belief?
  • Creating Kindness

There are three workshops, on:

  • Thursday 27th June 2024
  • Wednesday 3rd July 2024
  • Thursday 4th July 2024

Book online at https://teacupcoach.com/school-holiday-workshops/

Term Programs – Small Group Coaching

Teacup Coach has launched their STRONG small group coaching term programs in 2024. The STRONG small group coaching are supportive, interactive, and uplifting programs designed to help feel children face the world standing strong.

These coaching programs runs for an hour every week throughout the school term. There is a different topic each week for the children to explore and sessions include all three Standing Strong pillars – STRONG Body (movement), STRONG Mind (mindset) and STRONG Heart (mindfulness). Through the STRONG group coaching programs, kids learn how to:

  • Adjust to changes in life including school, friends and family
  • Understand thoughts and feelings by learning emotional intelligence
  • Become more self-aware
  • Discover their values, goals and boundaries
  • Create a positive body image
  • Deal with bullying, competition, failure and life pressure
  • Foster a strong sense of self
  • Live a happy, healthy, and inspired life
  • Build confidence, resilience and self-esteem
  • Practice gratitude and self-care
  • Feel like they belong
  • Develop and practice mindfulness and stress management skills.

You can join the following STRONG group coaching programs:

  • STRONG Juniors – girls & boys 7-12 years
  • STRONG Juniors Homeschool Program – girls & boys 7-12 years

Other STRONG group coaching programs Teacup Coach is looking to launch include:

  • STRONG Little Ones – girls & boys 5-6/7 years
  • STRONG Teens – girls & boys 13+

Small group coaching term programs are a proactive approach to supporting your child’s overall wellbeing that will help them develop life-long skills to deal with challenges and opportunities in their lives now, and into the future.

Get Ready! Programs

As your growing child prepares to take on or transition in their school life, it’s essential to foster their health and wellbeing, providing them with a solid foundation for a successful future. The Get Ready! programs at Teacup Coach are exclusive and specially designed to nurture kids mental and emotional readiness for their school adventures. Teacup Coach recognises that this stepping stone in our kids’ lives is not just about the logistical aspects. It involves a mix of excitement, curiosity, uncertainty, and anxiety. It’s also about creating an environment where children feel heard, understood, and empowered in their school adventure. This is why the evidence-based and non-clinical Get Ready! Programs by Teacup Coach take a holistic and proactive approach to the health and wellbeing of your child in the lead up to this transition. In a safe and fun environment, this program provides a range of tools and strategies to equip your child to embrace and Get Ready! with confidence.

Embodying the three pillars of Standing Strong – STRONG Body (movement), STRONG Mind (mindset) and STRONG Heart (mindfulness) – the Get Ready! programs explore concept of change in your kids’ lives, the emotions that may arise, how these can be challenging, and what your child can do to understand, and embrace these experiences.

The Get Ready! For Prep program is tailored to your little ones starting school. The Get Ready! For High School program is for your maturing tweens. Both programs cover similar topics from the Standing Strong Club and are delivered to engage the children in line with their development and age.

Get Ready! For Prep

Teacup Coach Get Ready For Prep.

The Get Ready! For Prep program focuses on activities and discussion around moving from kindy or home to school life. In addition to dealing with change, the program explores making friends, kindness, and self-care with the children. Engagement with the little ones will be gentle and full of fun and enthusiasm.

This program will return in Term 4 of 2024.

Get Ready! For High School

Teacup Coach Get Ready For High School.

The Get Ready! For High School program emphasises the significant shift from primary to high school recognizing the multitude of challenges that can accompany this transition. In delivery of the program, Teacup Coach takes into account the cognitive and developmental maturation of your tweens as they navigate this change. In addition to dealing with change, this valuable program dives into the valuable topics of friendship changes and self-care. Engagement with your tweens will encourage them to be inclusive, curious, respectful, and optimistic to adopt a growth and positive mindset as they approach the shift to high school.

This program will return in Term 4 of 2024.

Youth Coaching

Being founded by an accredited trained Master Life Coach, the personal nature of youth coaching is something that Jayme at Teacup Coach holds dear. Youth Coaching is a gift of allowing someone to become your child’s personal cheerleader, sounding board and shoulder to lean on.

At Teacup Coach, the essence of youth coaching lies in fostering the growth of young people and offering them guidance to empower them to flourish now, and into the future.

Teacup Coach youth coaching takes a child-centered approach, assisting children to navigate tricky times in their lives with an emphasis on:

  • Cultivating considered decision-making skills
  • Setting meaningful goals
  • Fostering positive attitudes
  • Nurturing personal leadership qualities
  • Promoting accountability
  • Providing encouragement
  • Valuing connections
  • Ensuring non-judgement.

Youth Coaching is part of the village approach to supporting children, while easing the pressure and giving comfort to parents. A youth coach is a trusted person who can give your child the opportunity to talk freely and confidentially about any aspect of their lives.


Teacup Coach kids with microphones.

I really liked it. It was very fun and you are very kind. It was great exercise. You did a great job. Thanks for making learning fun. It was a really good time with you. I think it is a great way to learn how to stand strong and learn about our comfort and growth zone’s. My favourite was the bubbles!” – Miss 9

Thank you. Miss 8 really enjoyed it and said she learnt some new things. She proudly shared her gratitude dice and folder with us all and said she wants to go back. A success in my view. Well done, what an excellent initiative.” – Mum of Miss 8

The Standing Strong workshop with Teacup Coach helped me improve my confidence and self-love. 5 STARS!” – Mr 7

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Standing Strong about? Standing Strong is a multi-award winning health and wellbeing organisation providing uplifting and empowering wellbeing programs for young people aged 5-18yrs. An Australian based organisation, Standing Strong programs are designed to help young people feel connected, supported, valued, and heard. Through the three core components of Strong Body (movement), Strong Mind (mindset) and Strong Heart (mindfulness), Standing Strong Clubs take a holistic approach to building confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in young people. While programs are non-clinical, they are developed by clinicians, are child-centred, and are evidenced-based. This combination supports children now and into the future by developing strategies and providing tools to help realise opportunities and navigate challenges when they inevitably arise.

Teacup Coach is licenced to deliver these amazing programs using trained instructors who have additional aspirations and qualifications around supporting children and families. Through the Standing Strong Club, Teacup Coach is taking a village approach to supporting the community.

How can Standing Strong support my child? All the programs at Teacup Coach are crafted to foster essential wellbeing skills, confidence, and emotional awareness. Each program incorporates the Standing Strong core components of STRONG Body (movement), STRONG Mind (mindset) and STRONG Heart (mindfulness). This provides a holistic and proactive approach to your child’s wellbeing to help them through challenges and realise opportunities in their lives not only now, but into the future.

My child is confident and doesn’t have any issues with wellbeing. Why would I send them to one of these programs? Teacup Coach as a Standing Strong Club takes a proactive approach to building mental, emotional, social, and physical wellbeing life skills in children. The specially designed programs equip young people with tools, strategies, and resources to deal with tricky and challenging times in their lives when they arise.

What qualifications and experience to the instructors have? Most sessions will be run by Teacup Coach’s Founder, Jayme Harrison, who has a passion for nurturing young minds and empowering families to embrace wellbeing. Jayme is a mum herself who has been working with kids for over 2 years. Jayme holds a Blue Card, First Aid certificate, and mental health for first aid certificate. She is also a youth coach and International Coaching Federation-trained Master Life Coach and Master Neurolinguistic Programming practitioner. Jayme has the ability to connect with kids of all ages and has a knack for creating positive, fun, and empowering learning environments.

Will my child need any specific materials or supplies for the program? All necessary materials and supplies will be provided by Teacup Coach. Further information is provided when you book your child into a program.

What if my child feels uncomfortable and doesn’t want to participate? Teacup Coach understands that every child is unique, and they are skilled at creating a
supportive and encouraging environment where kids feel motivated and excited about each session. The program is designed to be interactive, engaging and lots of fun. There will be a variety of activities to cater to different learning styles. If your child feels uncomfortable, they’ll support them to adjust and feel at ease as much as possible.

Do I stay with my child during the program? The programs are designed for independent participation; however Teacup Coach understands that leaving your child is a big step, and they want you to feel comfortable and assured. During any of their programs, you’re more than welcome to be nearby while your child participates. The venue has a covered space just outside where you are welcome to sit, and Teacup Coach will ensure chairs are provided. Alternatively, there is a park across the road and a coffee shop only a short walk away.

How will Teacup Coach handle any medical or other special requirements my child has? Teacup Coach takes your child’s health and/or special requirements seriously. Jayme has experience with neurodiverse children including those who are ADHD, ASD, and experience anxiety. If your child has any medical or special requirements, please ensure they are included in the registration form or reach out to Teacup Coach separately, and they will discuss appropriate arrangements.

Are there any follow up resources? Yes. Teacup Coach encourages continuing the learnings your child receives in the session at home. At the end of each session, they email parents’ home resources for continuing the learning adventure. These resources help foster the skills and concepts covered during the program.

Is there any flexibility in the program schedule if something comes up? Teacup Coach understands that life can be unpredictable. While regular attendance is
encouraged for a consistent experience, they can discuss options if unexpected situations arise.

To find out more, please visit the Teacup Coach website.