Teralba Park Honey brings real buzzing bees to your place of learning in a engaging and sensory fuelled education session for ages! Whilst each session is uniquely tailored, Teralba Park Honey loves sharing all things bees so you can indulge in honey tasting, wax investigation, beekeeper equipment, and endless facts about these amazing insects!

About Teralba Park Honey

Teralba Park Honey is about more than just creating sweet delicious golden goodness! They want to spread the buzz of the bees to as many ears as possible through engaging and informative sessions across Brisbane! Whether you’re in a classroom, kindergarten, community garden, or hosting a holiday program, they want to share their passion with you!

Teralba Park Honey has the qualifications to walk how they talk. Every program is developed by a:

  • Qualified Beekeeper
  • Qualified Trainer and Assessor
  • Qualified Montessori Educator
  • Qualified Early Childcare Educator
  • Blue Card Holder

Incursions for Early Learning Centres & Kindergartens (2 – 5 years)

Teralba Park Honey hive display.

Teralba Park Honey is founded by Amber, a qualified Montessori educator with over 12 years experience in the Early Childhood sector, so you know that you’re getting an education program that meets the national quality standards and aligns with the EYLF and the QKLG.

A typical beekeeper incursion includes:

  • Listening to real live bees
  • Learning about the life cycle of honeybees
  • Exploring the different stages of wax
  • Dressing up and role-playing the job of a beekeeper
  • Learning the names of traditional beekeeping tools and equipment
  • Taste testing raw local honey from Teralba Park Honey’s bees

School Programs & Vacation Care Packages (Prep – year 6)

With Teralba Park Honey, school-aged children are entertained with more in-depth learning about these insects and, whilst each session will always have the live bees, you will also move to more scientific language and concepts as you explore elements of the hive.

Upgrade Your Package

  • Include a live demonstration on honey spinning and each child can pour their own jar of golden goodness right in their classroom from a transparent honey extractor!
  • Include a hands-on bee-themed activity like making bees wax wraps, candle rolling and more.

Native Bees

Teralba Park Honey Amber with open hive.

Want to have year-round learning opportunities? Teralba Park Honey also dabbles in native bees and can conduct an incursion with the children to check on your existing stingless hive, or chat to them about becoming a member of their ‘Pollination Partnership’ where you can host native bees in your playground to aid meaningful learning and enhance urban pollination!

Empowering Educators

Empowering educators is really important to the team at Teralba Park Honey, which is why each session comes with an education pack to support educators on the path to introduce bees into the classroom, support technical language that is taught during the session, and provide opportunities to engage in meaningful learning extensions after the bees have buzzed back home to their hive.

Open Days & Community Education

Teralba Park Honey incursion display.

If you haven’t noticed, education is Teralba Park Honey’s background, and bees are their passion, which is why community connection is a main driver for them. Over the years, they have attended a multitude of community markets, childcare open days, and local businesses to spread the joy of these wonderful insects; whether it be celebrating World Bee Day at Bunnings, presenting daily beekeeping demonstrations in shopping centres, or attending bee hives on roof tops – the sky is just the beginning.

Making A Booking

Send Teralba Park Honey an email with as much information as possible (school/session type/age group/special request) to admin@teralbaparkhoney.com.au and they can look at how they can support your learning goals.


Teralba Park Honey jars of honey.

Amber from Teralba Park Honey came out and taught my Kindergarten class all about bee’s! Amber was so full of knowledge and was amazing with the children during this incursion. Amber gave demonstrations, showed the children her bee keeping outfit and took the time to answer every question the children had. Amber was extremely kind and patient – she was wonderful with the children and came with more knowledge than we could have expected! Amber gave the children the opportunity to taste the honey and showed them the whole process through photos of how honey is made. Thank you Amber! You made the children’s week, they haven’t stopped talking about you” – Sharny Connell – Early Childhood Teacher – Sesame Lane Childcare

Two years ago amber supplied me with a full hive set up and has also been teaching and training me all about beekeeping. She always has useful advice, putting my mind at ease and answering any questions I have. I would recommend anyone interested in beekeeping to get in touch with her.” – Tim Naylor – Beekeeper

Thank-you so much for coming out, I have had nothing but amazing feedback from both educators and the children. I will definitely post [the video answering the children’s questions about bees] up on Story park for our families to watch at home, thank-you so much for going out of you way and doing this. I will be definitely be in touch to book in further sessions!” – Haley Macklan – Centre Director – Edge Early Learning Ferny Grove

Frequently Asked Questions

My child is interested in bees, can they open a hive with Teralba Park Honey? Absolutely! Teralba Park Honey offers one-on-one learning experiences at their home apiary in Everton Park, where you are supplied a beekeeping suit, gloves, and a mentor to walk you through a real bee hive inspection. (Note: Their honeybees sting, so whilst all precautions are maintained, you may get stung. Parental supervision is a must.)

I love what Teralba Park Honey does, but I’m an adult, can I still learn about beekeeping? Sure can! Teralba Park Honey leaves no friend behind in their bee education mission. Open a hive with them at their home apiary site in Everton Park as a one-on-one session, all PPE provided!

Does Teralba Park Honey sell honey? Teralba Park Honey loves bees, which means they have lots of hives and lots of honey! Check out their website for raw honey, honeycomb, creamed honey, and infused honey flavours to purchase.

To find out more about Teralba Park Honey visiting your school, please visit the Teralba Park Honey website.