Does your child love to dance and twirl? Radiance Dance Academy in Holland Park, Windsor and Wilston offer a magical introduction to the world of dance for little ones aged 18 months – 5 years. Each and every class is fun, age-appropriate and has been carefully designed with a focus on inspiring a love for dance, music and movement from a young age!

Radiance Dance Academy tiny tots lined up at barr.

What’s on offer?

Radiance Dance commences classes for children from 18 months of age in their ‘Mummy/Daddy and Me‘ classes. Classes cover Ballet and Jazz and are completed with a parent or caregiver alongside. It is a wonderful opportunity to dip your child’s toes into the world of dance while boosting their confidence, coordination and focus.

Radiance’s ‘Tiny Tot‘ classes are suitable for dancers aged 2.5 to 5 years and promote independence, self-expression and imagination. Classes on offer include;

  • Tiny Tot Combo (Ballet & Jazz)
  • Tiny Tot Ballet

The benefits of dance are wonderful for children of all ages, however, they are especially beneficial for pre-school-aged children. Radiance’s Tiny Tot Program classes carefully support young children whilst developing their self-confidence in a safe, positive learning environment.

Radiance is passionate about creating a lifelong love of dance in their students and also offers classes for school-aged children to allow a seamless progression for your child as they grow!

Radiance Dance Academy two girls with butterfly wings.

What are the benefits of dance for pre-school-aged children?

Dance and movement offers numerous physical, emotional and cognitive benefits. Dance plays an important part in the process of growing up and allows children the opportunity to interact with their peers and the world around them.

What is so beneficial about dance for young children?

  • Improves balance and co-ordination
  • Increases strength and muscle tone
  • Provides an outlet for self-expression
  • Builds friendships and team work skills
  • Boosts confidence
  • Builds resilience, discipline and diligence

Radiance Dance Academy prides itself on carefully balancing a mix of discipline and structure with fun to ignite that passion for movement in dance!

The skills and values that children learn within a dance class at Radiance will guide their development in their years ahead and continue to benefit them throughout their lives! There is so much more to be learned in a dance class than just steps! Young children learn to take turns, work as a team, focus on a goal, be passionate, follow instructions and move independently all while also learning the foundations of Ballet and Jazz techniques.

Radiance Dance Academy young dancers under parachute.

Why choose Radiance for your little dancer?

Radiance Dance Academy offers the Queensland Ballet Petit Pointers Program for pre-school aged children. Radiance Dance Academy feels it important to have carefully crafted classes to meet the important needs of pre-school aged children and their young growing bodies.
QB Petit Pointers lessons are set within a framework of storytelling, exploration and artistic play. QB Petit Pointers encourages personal expression and development of confidence in each child. QB Petit Pointers is underpinned by the early years learning framework and evidence-based research, providing you with confidence in a program created to complement and enhance your child’s development.

Classes are strictly capped to ensure a quality learning environment for all students. Small classes provide each child the opportunity to receive individual tuition and attention.

Radiance offers a wide selection of class days and times to suit everyone! Whether it be a class during the week or on the weekends for working parents, there is something for everyone!

Radiance Dance Academy young dancers following smiling teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do classes run for?

  • Mummy/Daddy and Me classes (30 minutes)
  • Tiny Tot Ballet classes (30 minutes)
  • Tiny Tot Combo classes (45 minutes)

Where are classes held?

  • Holland Park Studio (31 Roscoe Street)
  • Windsor Studio (Cnr Whish and Maygar Street)
  • Wilston Studio (187 Wilston Road)

What are the class days and fees?

Classes run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday across Radiance’s 3 locations – Holland Park, Windsor and Wilston.

  • 30 minute lessons are $160 per term
  • 45 minute lessons are $180 per term

All enrolments attract a $47 membership fee at time of enrolment.

Radiance Dance Academy young dancers around parachute with teachers.


Our daughter has thrived dancing with Radiance! Quality tutorship, encouragement and inclusive environment provide a positive dance experience.‘ – Kerrie, Mother of Radiance Student

Over the weekend I got to be a volunteer for the amazing Dance Concert. This has been my daughters first year in dance and I am so happy that we have joined this dance company. The kindness between the children and the dance teachers is beyond amazing. Such a loving and safe place for children. When your daughter wants the week over so she can see her friends and teachers again you know you have found the place for your child to flourish! ✨Thank You Radiance Dance Academy for a wonderful year!‘ – Renee, Mother of Radiance Student

To find out more about Radiance Dance Academy’s toddler and preschooler dance programs, please visit the Radiance Dance Academy website.

Radiance Dance Academy is not just for tiny tots! You can find out more about their classes for 5+ years here.