STEM Programs in Brisbane

Young Engineers offers unique STEM programs where children have fun while learning critical skills for the digital age. Using LEGO® as a powerful tool for children to play and learn, their programs focus on engineering, electronics and robotics and are aligned to Australian curriculum.

Introducing STEM to kids as young as the age of 5 to 15 years (from Kindy to Year 9), Young Engineers offers incursions, after-school programs, holiday camps, birthday parties and corporate events. They integrate their custom-designed LEGO® brick kits with scientific and mathematical principles in an Education x Entertainment = Edutainment. 

Young Engineers have a strong ideal and commitment to “preparing for today for a better tomorrow”. Their STEM classes teach children to be creative and innovative problem-solvers for the future.

A globally-recognised program in over 45 countries, Young Engineers are actively engaged with over 250 schools currently across Australia.

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School holiday engineering camps

Engineering Camps are delivered by Young Engineers during the school holidays. These camps are full of fun and are packed with STEM learning. For many students, Engineering Camps are the only way to access Young Engineers’ programs (if your school does not offer Young Engineers incursions or after-school club).

You can also find Young Engineer’s holiday programs offered by some of Australia’s most STEM-loving vacation care providers. Young Engineers are happy to collaborate with vacation care providers to help more students find their love for STEM.

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Integrating the theoretical and practical aspects of STEM

All programs with Young Engineers integrate theoretical and practical aspects of the fields of Technology, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Maths and Entrepreneurship. The courses focus on experiential learning and promoting teamwork to build complex mechanisms.

Advanced Engineering

The engineering lessons engage kids with a hands-on learning environment and immerse them in the applications and possibilities of modern technologies. Build-up projects include a robotic arm, an alarm clock, a washing machine, a sound-activated lamp, amusement park rides and much more for kids!


The Robotics and Software Engineering (R&SE) course focuses on exploring the world of robotics from a professional engineering perspective. Special emphasis on programming solutions promotes the creation of sophisticated and accurate robots.


The Young Engineers’ electronics kit for kids comes with 100+ electronics components and 80+ lesson plans for students to perform over 2,000 experiments. High school students can learn coding through Arduino® open source software to enjoy unlimited experiments such as FM radio, a recorder and doorbells.

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What are the Young Engineers’ STEM programs?

Young Engineers’ STEM programs include:

Big Builders (for Preschool, Daycare & Prep)

The Big Builders education program introduces young children to scientific concepts through hands-on experiential learning. Children will:

  • Learn biology and physics concepts
  • Construct 3D models using K’nex®
  • Work together to share and discover learning
  • Learn engineering and maths
  • Develop fine motor and visual spatial skills

Bricks Challenge (for Primary School)

The Bricks Challenge program introduces primary school aged children to the basic principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Children learn to ‘think like engineers’ by building complex motorised machines using LEGO®, motors and batteries. Children will:

  • Receive Young Engineers’ customised and copyrighted LEGO® kits with batteries and motors.
  • Discover physics by building real-world prototypes that actually work
  • Discover the joy of learning through hands-on projects
  • Learn innovation and design thinking through a much-loved medium

Robo Bricks (for Primary School)

The Robo Bricks program introduces primary school aged children to the exciting world of robotics. Children learn to ‘think like engineers’ by building motorised robot ‘models’ using LEGO®, motors and batteries. They further program the robots to perform tasks using the LEGO® Wedo 2.0 app. Their robots learn to respond to environmental inputs using sensors, giving the children an end-to-end robotics experience! Students will:

  • Be introduced to algorithmic thinking
  • Build robots that mimics real-world machines
  • Develop and test computer algorithms
  • Learn how to code using a visual interface
  • Learn software engineering principles like pseudo-code and flow charts
  • Use sensors like motion and tilt sensors
  • Get their robots to respond to the changing environment
  • Develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills

Advanced Engineering & Robotics (Primary & Secondary School)

From sustainable farming to self-driving cars, Young Engineers Robotics model a range of real-world situations that teach students a complete understanding of how the technology works and used to solve the issue at hand.
The advanced engineering & robotics lessons engage kids with a hands-on learning environment and immerse them in the applications and possibilities of modern technologies. Through PBL (Project-based learning), students combine hardware, Lego® compatible building blocks, and coding to create a prototype and solve real-world problems.
The projects are designed to encourage students to invent other viable solutions to these real-world issues and explore ways to utilize existing technology. The completion of these projects will boost confidence in students to overcome any challenge from working in their future jobs to solving our world’s current or future problems.

Young Engineers Testimonials

Fantastic experience for young minds. Nate had an absolute blast and can not wait to do it again next year. He is still talking about it nearly 2 weeks later. Thankyou

The children and the parents are raving about it and so happy. One parent told me that their child has asked if they can’t go away on holiday as he doesn’t want to miss any sessions 🙂 Other parents have commented on the high level of engagement and focus. From a personal perspective, my child Louis has never gravitated towards building Lego or the underlying principles you are teaching them and it is lovely to watch him come home enthused, discussing what you did in class and then going straight to his bedroom to do more Lego building.

To find out more, please visit the Young Engineers website.