GOALS Soccer coaching is where you will find the most sought-after soccer coaching for Brisbane kids aged 6 – 11 years. Whether your child is new to the world of soccer or an experienced player, the coaching offered at GOALS will take their performance to the next level. They provide the professional well-structured coaching kids might not receive at club level.

Why choose GOALS Soccer?

GOALS Soccer puts a strong focus on helping beginners build confidence, coordination and concentration.

Their small group sizes help kids learn in a friendly positive environment. They aim to provide quality of coaching over quantity of kids to maximise learning and coaching opportunities, making sure the kids get the most from their practice.

GOALS Soccer School Holiday Program

GOALS Soccer has school holiday sessions available these holidays! Running from Monday to Friday in the mornings and afternoons throughout the school holidays for ages 6 to 11 years, all levels, boys and girls, are welcome.

Quality of coaching over quantity of kids

GOALS Soccer boys playing soccer black and white image.

The group soccer sessions at GOALS Soccer will get your children up and running, by putting a strong focus on quality of coaching over quantity of kids per class – this helps GOALS to get maximum benefit from their time coaching your kids.

Development objectives

The development objectives at GOALS Soccer are to increase their participants’ physical and emotional attributes, including:

  • Cognitive skills – new connections
  • Problem solving
  • Social interaction
  • Muscle / motor development
  • Coordination
  • Confidence building
  • Reflex and movement
  • Teamwork

Positive practice

GOALS Soccer kids soccer training outside black and white image.

GOALS Soccer’s small, group sessions are presented in a professional, judgement-free environment that encourages a healthy mindset and love of sport with a strong focus on your child’s health.

Core football skills

Each GOALS Soccer session is structured around one of the four fundamental game skills –

  • One on one,
  • Dribbling,
  • Striking ball, and
  • Passing.

Let them play

GOALS Soccer seriously helps kids play better! Through structured and guided games and practices, kids get as much time as possible with the ball at their feet.

Fresh air

GOALS Soccer sessions are held outdoors, with ample space and fresh air.


GOALS Soccer kids soccer game outside black and white image.

Amazing coaching for both of our daughters. They don’t just learn soccer skills, they also learn the benefit of practice, persistence and good team work in a fun and engaging way!

The sessions are a delight to watch – the kids all have massive respect for the coach, they’re focussed during the sessions and they have great fun. Thank you for having such a positive impact on all these Brisbane kids!

Amazing coaching for kids soccer. The coach is invested in each kids outcome and my boy can’t wait for his lesson every week. I would recommend goals soccer for any child wanting to have fun but also learn all the skills of soccer.

Absolutely love the the sessions for the kids, the results speak for themselves. The kids get so much from the classes and it’s fantastic to see the difference when they go back to their club games. The extra practice really makes a difference! Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

Does my child need any experience? No, kids at every level are welcome. GOALS Soccer provides a great positive environment for beginners and they also have some great insight and a fresh approach when coaching the more experienced kids.

What should my child bring to a session? A full water bottle. Soccer boots are not a prerequisite. Comfortable sports clothing and footwear are all that’s needed to play.

Can girls play? GOALS Soccer is constantly promoting and growing the girls’ game. It’s highly recommended that any girls showing an interest get in and give one of the classes a go!

What happens if it rains? When possible, an alternative session is organised. Parents are notified of any class cancellations 1hr 15min before the start of their scheduled session. Where no catch up class or alternative session can be organised, a full refund is provided.

To find out more, please visit the Goals Soccer website or email info@goalssoccer.com.au for further details and copy of the program info booklet.