A.D.I Dance Studios is a relatively new dance studio in Deception Bay, Brisbane, having opened in July 2022! A.D.I, the acronym for ‘Aspire, Dare, Ignite’, is a value instilled throughout their studios; building dancers’ self-confidence, inspiring them to reach for their goals, their aspirations and dreams. Through high quality training, they endeavour to provide opportunities for dancers of all ages and abilities to experience the art of dance in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment.

In A.D.I Dance Studios you will find a home, a home built on mutual passion, respect, understanding and community. They place high importance on empowerment, allowing everyone to find their self-worth and belief in themselves and express themselves in different communicative ways.

Classes on offer at A.D.I Dance Studios

A.D.I Dance Studios small dancers with scarecrow teacher.

Under 5’s

The under 5’s Come Dance With Me and Mini Acrobatics programs fosters their love of dance and tumbling from an early age, exploring these fundamental elements in a fun and age appropriate way, finding their way through space, through forests, with butterflies or with a jack in the box – the imagination is limitless.

A.D.I Dance Studios performers on stage.

Prep – Year 12

There is a vast range of genres available for school aged dancers, utilising the RAD Ballet Syllabus and the CSTD Jazz Syllabus to ensure their dancers are getting the best training possible. Genres of dance available for school-aged children at A.D.I Dance Studios include –

  • Ballet,
  • Pointe,
  • Jazz,
  • Tap,
  • Hip Hop,
  • Lyrical,
  • Contemporary,
  • Jumps, Kicks, Turns,
  • Body Conditioning,
  • International Dance Technique,
  • Pilates,
  • Acrobatics,
  • Contortion,
  • Aerial Lyra, and
  • Aerial Silks

A.D.I Dance Studios group of dancers with teacher at competition.


With a variety of classes on offer, individuals can choose the style or styles which best align with their interests and fitness goals. Adults can choose from –

  • Hip Hop,
  • Contemporary,
  • Commercial Jazz,
  • Barre Fitness,
  • Aerial Silks, and
  • Aerial Lyra.

A.D.I Dance Studios provides a fun way for adults to stay active, improve fitness levels, keep social and explore the world of dance and Aerial Arts.

Certificate and Extension Program

A.D.I Dance Studios are proud to offer Nationally Accredited Certificates in partnership with Empowerdance RTO 40397!

Dancers aged 12 years and above are welcome to enrol in A.D.I Dance Studios’ Certificate Program, which both incorporates a Certificate in Dance and their extension program. Choose from one of the following certificates on offer:

  • CUA10120 Certificate I in Dance
  • CUA20120 Certificate II in Dance
  • CUA30120 Certificate Ill in Dance
  • CUA30320 Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching
  • CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance
  • CUA40320 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management

Along with their certificates, A.D.I Dance Studios also has a Dance Extension Program. This has been such an incredible program in 2024, and A.D.I Dance Studios are looking forward to offering it again in 2025. Their dancers have been mentored and taught by some amazing industry professionals – these are the people they look up to and are most inspired by.


A.D.I Dance Studios group shot in tshirts.

My daughter is currently only half a term into Lyra/Lyrical with A.D.I Dance Studios but already her confidence has grown, and that “sense of belonging” already resonates with A.D.I. Since day one my little one has felt at home in the studio and aside from her weekly classes, all she does at home is practice. In the past we’ve always struggled with her throwing the towel in when things get a little difficult and you betcha, week two she was unable to perform a move on the hoops and immediately started getting upset… the only difference is this time we were at A.D.I. The teacher sat with her for a moment, supported her and then pushed her to try again with her help. Since this brief moment of one-on-one support, Lily has been pushing herself more and more every session and the respect for her teacher is through the roof. This type of support isn’t something you can just find anywhere, it’s passion and love for what they do and honestly, it’s amazing seeing my daughter growing that same passion herself. Every single person I’ve seen at A.DI, from students, parents and staff are respectful and have been so welcoming. I couldn’t recommend A.D.I any more highly.

This studio isn’t just a dance school. It’s not just a place to learn to dance. This studio is a family, a place where everyone can call a second home. All the students here truly encourage one another and support one another. I’ve never encountered such genuine love and encouragement, especially from the older students towards the younger, future children of dance. The teacher’s here genuinely encourage and are invested in each and everyone who attends this studio. There isn’t one student who hasn’t improved after enrolling or attending workshop at this studio. The teachers at A.D.I Studios have the expertise and experience, but more than this, they genuinely love and have the drive and want for everyone who comes here to be the very best they can be.

To find out more about joining the family, please visit the A.D.I Dance website.