Lil Party Rockers is a modern dance class for tiny tots! They party under colourful lights, dance to music that both parents and children love, and enjoy a different theme every lesson.

There are no leotards, no dance concerts, no ballet buns – just FUN!

Join their weekly dance party where both adults and children have a blast!

About the founder

Lil Party Rockers group of parents and children dancing.

Created by a qualified, experienced and registered teacher and mum of two, Caron thanks her 3 year old son for the inspiration in building this business. “Every day is a dance party in our house” says Caron. Her son loves dancing to a variety of music, from The Wiggles to Calvin Harris.

After searching for a similar class for her son to join, she realised most dance classes for under 5 year olds were predominantly ballet based. Her goal was to create a space where children could dance freely and confidently in a less structured environment & to music that even the parents will love.

About Lil Party Rockers

Lil Party Rockers creates a real dance party vibe for you and your little one. They offer weekly classes on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday mornings in Hawthorne and Morningside.

Their dance classes are aimed at tiny tots aged 1 – 5 years old and they offer a mixed age dance class which encourages you to bring your children along to have a dance under the colourful party lights.

The qualified and experienced teachers create fun and engaging lessons each week, following a loose theme. The music selection caters for both child and adult and they even take song requests! Children will warm up, play dance games and learn basic choreography in these lessons and each lesson finishes with a dance party to your little one’s favourite tune!

Benefits of a dance party

Lil Party Rockers children dancing having fun.

A Lil Party Rockers class allows the children to explore the space and develop skills like musicality, spatial awareness, coordination and more. There is a big focus on the use of props and objects, and these classes develop a child’s sense of teamwork and responsibility. Above all, the children really build their self confidence as they feel comfortable to “dance like no-one’s watching.”

Timetable & Locations

Kick Dance, Morningside

Mondays, 9:30am & 10:15am 

Dance FIIT, Hawthorne

Tuesdays, 9:15am & 10am 

Morningside State School, Morningside

Saturdays, 9:30am

Pricing Plans

Lil Party Rockers group of children and parents with parachute.

  • Term Plans – 9 weeks for $153 ($17 per session)
  • 5 Pack – 5 classes for $90 ($18 per session)
  • Weekly Direct Debit – ‘Set & Forget’ for $17.50 per session
  • Casual Class – $22 per session


Lil Party Rockers runs classes during term time only and classes are capped, so early bookings are essential.

Receive a discount on your first class by subscribing to their website.

Do yourself and your little one a favour, book now and join the party where dance, fitness and good tunes collide!


Lil Party Rockers parents and children dancing.

Such a fun class! Engaging, fast paced, creative, well planned and delivered, and with a super friendly, energetic and bubbly teacher 🙂 My kids love it!

We love dance days with Caron!! She is so lovely, my little one absolutely adores her and the classes itself are always changing in theme which we love. She mixes dance techniques in fun ways that keeps him engaged while learning. 10/10

My little one loves this class, she dances and parties away to all the great music. We look forward to it each week!

Frequently Asked Questions

What actually happens in the class? Think FITNESS meets DISCO! During the class, children will stretch and warm up, play dance games, learn simple choreography and dance for fun. There will be party lights, loud music and there will be props and equipment used. This is not your typical dance class!

Do I stay or do I leave my child with you? Lil Party Rockers want you to stay! After all, the music is also for the adults! Supervision is required and each child requires a responsible adult to accompany them.

Will each class be different? Yes! As a teacher, Caron offers structured lessons and loose themes to base the class on each week. This allows the children to explore many different styles of music and dance over the weeks. Each week will follow a similar structure so children will be familiar with the routine of the class.

I have a baby, can I bring her/him with my older child? Absolutely! Children under 1 are free. Please be mindful that there will be children active in the space, so maybe pop the baby in a carrier for the lesson.

How long does each class go for? Each class goes for 30 minutes. Doors will open 5 minutes before class.

To book a class, please visit the Lil Party Rockers website. You can check out recent footage from each dance class on their Instagram @lil_partyrockers and on their Facebook page Lil Party Rockers.