Welcome to The Centre of Dance: Unleashing the Artistry of Movement

Experience the vibrant world of dance at Brisbane’s premier dance studio in Bulimba. The mission of The Centre of Dance is to provide exceptional dance education, fostering a love for dance across all ages and skill levels. The Centre of Dance stands out as a hub for artistic expression and growth, driven by their commitment to excellence, creativity, and inclusivity.

Engaging Dance Classes

The Centre of Dance teacher and student at barre closeup.

Explore a diverse range of dance classes tailored for various age groups and skill levels. From the joyful movement of “Tiny Dancers” (2-3 years), to the artistry of “Senior Ballet” (14-17 years), The Centre of Dance’s curriculum emphasizes technique, creativity, and artistic expression.

World-Class Training Method

Immerse yourself in the globally renowned Vaganova method, ensuring world-class training. The Centre of Dance’s experienced teachers bring this tradition to life, cultivating technical proficiency and a deep appreciation for ballet.

Audition Preparation Program

The Centre of Dance teacher and student doing splits.

Prepare your child for success with The Centre of Dance’s specialised audition preparation program. Their personalised coaching, performance coaching, and confidence-building approach empower young dancers for a journey of artistic expression.

Holiday Dance Camps

Discover The Centre of Dance’s exciting Holiday Dance Program, offering a variety of classes to keep young dancers engaged and inspired during breaks. From festive-themed routines to explorations of different dance styles, their holiday program combines fun and learning, ensuring a memorable experience for participants.

Personalised Coaching

The Centre of Dance teacher and student at barre correcting hand.

Tailored training enhances each child’s strengths, addressing areas that need improvement, fostering confidence, and preparing them for auditions.

Variety of Dance Classes

Dive into a variety of dance experiences at The Centre of Dance, including Jazz, Character Dance, Parterre Class, and Contemporary Dance. These classes cater to different age groups and skill levels, providing a well-rounded and enriching dance education.

Inclusive Adult Classes

The Centre of Dance adult dancer with flowing dress.

The Centre of Dance’s inclusive “Adult Ballet” classes cater to adults of all backgrounds and experience levels. Enjoy the beauty of ballet in a non-judgmental environment while improving flexibility, balance, and strength.

Vaganova Excellence

Discover the world-renowned Vaganova method at The Centre of Dance. Their skilled teachers bring this tradition to life, focusing on a strong core, proper alignment, and nuanced musicality. With a gradual progression approach, dancers build a solid foundation, becoming technically proficient with a deep artistic sensibility.

Location and Dance Studio

The Centre of Dance inside dance studio.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bulimba, The Centre of Dance studio is conveniently close to Bulimba Park and Oxford Street. The spacious and well-equipped dance studio features a specially designed dance floor, ballet bars, and mirrors, creating an ideal environment for dancers to hone their skills and express their artistry.

The Centre of Dance Team in Action

Together, The Centre of Dance’s teaching team combines their diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and dedication to providing a comprehensive dance education. Whether it’s classical techniques, innovative choreography, or specialised programs, their teachers are committed to nurturing the unique talents of every dancer. Join The Centre of Dance and experience the transformative power of dance under the guidance of our exceptional teaching team.

The Centre of Dance entrance and signage.

To find out more, please visit The Centre of Dance website.